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Avoid the Hassle of the Doctor’s Office with Cigna Urgent Care Center

Urgent care services have been growing rapidly. In fact, many people now use urgent care for medical services traditionally performed by primary care offices. The business model of urgent care facilities is a breath of fresh air for medical patients. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, more than 3 million people visit an […]

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Visiting an Urgent Care With No Insurance

Visiting a hospital or doctor can be costly when you are uninsured. For this reason, many people who do not have health insurance opt not to receive medical care. Unfortunately, this behavior opens the door for health concerns to compound. The cost of visiting an emergency room is absorbent, and many people simply cannot afford […]

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Why After-Hours Urgent Care is Better than a Trip to the Emergency Room

Think twice about going directly to the emergency room when you need medical care. After Hours Urgent Care facilities can often provide the same care with faster service and smaller bills. Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting an urgent care facility for minor injuries and illnesses: Shorter Wait Time Patients with […]

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