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Accidental Overdoses Requiring Pearland Urgent Care Facilities

Residents who rely on Pearland urgent care facilities know we are there to help whenever we can. Accidental overdoses are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing causes of preventable death in the nation. A person can overdose on both over the counter and prescription medications rather easily if they are not careful. Healthcare professionals who work at facilities specializing in urgent care in Pearland TX must be extremely vigilant when talking to individuals about the medications they are taking.

We strive to make sure each patient we see understands what the medications they take are capable of. We discuss the dangers as well as the benefits and do our best to stress how important it is to take medications follow the directions of the doctor or manufacturer exactly as they are written. Many of our patients try to alter dosages on their own without understanding that more is not always better. The majority of accidental overdoses entail the use of pain killers or medications designed to relieve or control discomfort.

Residents in our area who choose our Pearland urgent care facility come to use for a variety of reasons. In some cases, we are asked to increase a person’s dosage to compensate for the amount of pain they are in. While meeting our patients’ needs are our primary concern, sometimes it is not in their best interest to increase the dosage of one of their medications. In fact, increasing the dosage of any pain medication can be dangerous if the patient is not closely monitored.

Several prescription pain killers are addictive. Repeated use over a long period of time can lead to the patient requiring more of the medication to achieve even modest results. Patients who visit our Pearland urgent care facility are informed of the dangers of both addiction to medications and accidental overdoses. These are very real concerns with disastrous results if patients do not heed our professional medical advice. Accidental overdoses can result in death if an excessive amount of any medication has been consumed.

Patients who visit are facility with symptoms that include lethargy, confusion, dizziness and general are often asked how much medication was taken and at what time. Taking doses too close together or consuming alcohol while certain medications are still in your system can lead to an accidental overdose. A blood test may be taken to determine who much medicine is still in a person’s system. In some cases, the professionals at our Pearland urgent care facility may determine that more intense medical treatment is needed and the patient will be transported to a trauma center or hospital that is equipped to provide intense care.

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