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How to Determine How Much an After Hours Care Visit Will Cost

Many patients are concerned with how much a visit to an urgent care center will cost when trying to receive after hours care. While it is difficult to give an exact amount for a procedure or visit, there are several factors that patients can take into account to help them determine how much a visit will cost.

Self-Pay vs. Insurance

One of the biggest factors in determining the price of a visit to an urgent care center is whether or not insurance will be used. Most urgent care centers, like our Pearland, Sugar Land, and Missouri City urgent care in Texas, allow patients to choose how they will pay for services – through insurance or self-pay.

Patients that are choosing to self-pay will have to pay for all services provided at the time of the visit. On the other hand, patients that are using insurance may have to pay a co-pay for the services provided.

The Services Rendered at the Urgent Care Center

When assessing how much an after hours care visit will cost, it is important to determine what exactly will be done to the patient. For example, patients that will need extensive medical testing or x-rays can expect to pay more than a patient who just needs to be assessed for a cold/flu.

All patients will be required to pay a fee to receive services from our urgent care center, but there are several services are available for an additional fee. Services that will be available for an additional cost include:

  • Medical equipment – crutches, bandages, splints
  • Medical laboratory testing – blood work, urine analysis
  • X-rays
  • EKG testing
  • IV fluids

Patients that are concerned about the cost of their treatment can get an approximate idea of how much the visit will cost by thinking about what services will be provided. This is not always an accurate assessment of costs, but can provide a ballpark figure for patients.

Ask the Urgent Care Center to Provide a Ballpark Quote

Our staff can help patients that are concerned about the cost of their visit. While our staff cannot give a set amount of how much an after hours care visit will cost, we can provide proespective patients with approximate quotes for services. We can also help determine if a particular insurance plan is accepted or not.

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