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Your After Hours Urgent Care Needs in Pearland Can Be Met by Prime Urgent Care

Getting sick or injured doesn’t often follow a timetable, so having access to after hours urgent care can be critical to receiving help when it is needed versus sitting for half a day in a hospital emergency room. While Americans enjoy one of the most advanced medical systems available, the traditional hospital emergency room is simply too glutted with too many varying cases to be immediately useful. For a majority of cases, patients shouldn’t even be going to a hospitals; an urgent care clinic can easily address many situations quickly, adequately, and with high quality healthcare services.

After hours urgent care fills in a gap in the U.S. medical system that for too long has been expected to be met by big institutions by too many patients. Conditions like the flu, fever, bad colds, simple lacerations and cuts, simple broken bones, food poisoning and more can all be met by a trained clinic staff very quickly. Yet time and again, people immediately assume the only place to get this kind of care as well as surgery needs is a hospital. No wonder then, the system is simply plugged up because cases are not directed to the services that best match their needs.

Imagine a common situation: the holiday season is over and the kids have returned back to school. One week back into class and Junior comes home with the sniffles. Late that night he complains of a headache and being so hot he can’t sleep. He’s also showing signs of congestion and coughing. The thermometer confirms Junior has a fever and is coming on strong with the flu. Your child’s fever hits 103 and acetaminophen is not working at bringing it back down. These are the times when an after hours urgent care can provide stepped up attention and medicine quickly without spending five or ten hours stuck in an emergency room because the flu is not considered a priority case. Quick-response after hours care makes a big difference for families.

So when your family is dealing a basic ailment that the home medical box is not going to cure or solve, don’t put off professional medical attention. Get medical care when needed, but do it right. With after hours urgent care provided by Prime Urgent Care in Pearland, TX, regional residents can get the attention they need as needed. Delay and case prioritization don’t have seats at Prime Urgent Care. And Prime Urgent Care provides services that are regularly recognized and accepted by all major health insurance companies. Besides Pearland, our centers are also open in Sugar Land and Missouri City.

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