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After Hours Urgent Care is a Partner in Young Child Healthcare

After hours urgent care provides a critical partner for parents caring for a young child or baby. Young children are susceptible to fast-moving health conditions, and after hours care can make a huge different is stopping a risk before it grow critical.

Young children are especially prone to fevers, stomach problems, cardiovascular conditions, and falls. As a result, a simple discomfort can turn bad very quickly in a day’s time if not monitored closely. What may have started as a cold can turn in congestion with an infection, triggering a fever that spikes to 103 or higher, all in the space of eight hours or so. Fevers are particularly risky for children because combined with other problems a patient can become deydrated or begin choking. Both a serious, high-risk symptoms needing immediate attention.

Physical injury is also a common situation with small children. An accidental fall can often result in serious injury very quickly, especially with how top-heavy babies and toddlers can be when new to walking. It’s no surprise small children have facial injuries as result. They are frequently sticking their faces too close to house pets or unable to put their hands out in front of them falling. The result is usually an emergency needing a doctor’s care quickly.

With quality after hours urgent care, a family with a sick child can avoid sitting in a regular hospital emergency room for hours and can instead receive the same level of medical help faster, even when needed at night or on the weekend with after hours care. This service provided can include vaccines, x-rays, CT scans, setting of broken bones, braces, stabilization, and more. With after hours urgent care readily available and accessible, there’s no reason for parents to throw their child’s health to the lottery of the emergency room wait anymore, potentially being exposed to other sicknesses in doing so. Even babies can be treated with a doctor’s care immediately at an after hours care center, stopping problems in their track before they progressively deteriorate.

Prime Urgent Care is specifically designed to give patients access to after hours urgent care for a number of conditions, sicknesses, viruses, injuries and medical needs. Services can cover matters ranging from renewing prescriptions to basic trauma care. This can be particularly handy when other resources are not available or a family’s traditional doctor cannot be reached.

So if your family may need a response after hours urgent care resource, consider Prime Urgent Care. Their doctors and medical staff are trained to respond and treat all kinds of medical needs, especially those of children and young families.

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