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After Hours Urgent Care Specialists at Prime Urgent Care Suggest 5 Things to Put Into a First Aid Kit

After hours urgent care specialists understand that minor accidents and illnesses can occur at any time. Being prepared is extremely important. Having a well stocked first aid kit on hand can help soothe a person who has received an injury and will be able to provide at least a small amount of comfort until they can get to an urgent care facility. Including the following five items in your first aid kit will help reduce pain and discomfort.

Bandaids and Bandages – Bandaids and bandages can protect open wounds until the person can get to a facility that provides urgent care in Pearland. Even if there is no way to wash or clean the wound, covering it will protect the area from further damage and prevent other dirt and debris from entering the wound. Cover the area loosely without restricting air flow or movement.

Tylenol and Aspirin – Keeping aspirin and Tylenol on hand is always a good idea. Children’s Tylenol is a must if a person has little ones that cannot take an adult strength dosage. Aspirin is good to have on hand in case a person begins to experience chest pains or has a sensitivity to other forms of pain relievers. Before offering any type of medication to an injured person, always ask if they have any allergies to medications and make sure they are able to take whatever you are offering them. After hours urgent care professionals suggest if they cannot respond or are confused, hold off giving any type of medication and go directly to an emergency room.

Glucose Tablets – Glucose tablets help to regulate a person’s blood sugar levels. These are an extremely important addition to any first aid kit, especially for people who are diabetic or have family members with the condition. Being able to provide glucose tablets in a timely fashion can prevent a seizure or “sugar coma” from occurring if their insulin levels begin to skyrocket. After hours urgent care specialists will be able to tell you where you can find glucose tablets if your local pharmacy is out of stock.

Maxi Pads – Maxi pads are designed to absorb blood. While they may look odd being used to bandage a wound, with the right amount of pressure, they make an ideal bandage that can help control blood flow. When used properly, they make actually help to stop a person from bleeding excessively. By using constant pressure until the flow of blood stops or ceases altogether and then wrapping the pad in place, a first responder can actually prevent a person from losing too much blood.

Large Pieces of Cloth – After hours urgent care professionals suggest carrying large pieces of cloth in a first aid kit. They make excellent bandages for large wounds and can also be used slings to support and stabilize a possible broken arm or leg. They can also be cut into strips to hold large bandages in place.

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