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Allergies Got the Best of You? Here are Some Tips to Help You Manage


Take Control of the Texas Allergy Season

What you think is a late winter cold might just be early spring allergies! With warmer temperatures arriving early in east Texas this year, Pearland patients are already dropping by Prime Urgent Care to seek treatment for their watery eyes, runny noses and congested coughs. Trees are currently sprouting leaves, pushing the pollen count above moderate levels. As the season progresses, you can expect a spike in grass, ragweed and mold pollens as well.

Preventative measures can help you gain control over the Texas allergy season. Follow these four tips to improve your quality of life as you welcome in the spring sunshine:

Limit Outdoor Activities

Spring fever inspires us to get outdoors, but limiting your exposure to pollen can reduce symptoms. In Pearland, pollen counts are highest in the early morning and on windless days. Driving with the windows down invites the pollen in while mowing the lawn and raking up dead leaves stirs up the microscopic spores.

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

You’ve likely heard the old wives’ tale that eating local honey reduces allergy symptoms because it contains nearby materials from the environment. Although it’s a sound theory, bees pick up pollen from flowers rather than trees and grasses, which are the most common culprits of allergy attacks. Foods rich in quercetin, Vitamin C, bromelain, Omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics can reduce irritations and histamine reactions. Stay away from anything that contains natural histamines, such as pickled foods and fermented beverages. Certain fruits and vegetables can also aggravate symptoms during the peak season, including zucchini for ragweed allergies and celery for grass allergies.

Keep an Eye on the Pollen Count

When you begin experiencing allergy symptoms, check the pollen levels to find out what may be affecting your system. Pollen.com provides a current and extended 5-day forecast to help identify what’s floating in the air. Sign up for allergy alerts when conditions reach moderate levels so that you can adjust your plans (and possibly your medication) accordingly.

Get Allergy Shots

A skin test can also identify the source of your allergies. After determining which allergens disturb your body, a specialist concocts a personalized remedy that minimizes your reaction to specific allergens. Immunotherapy injections introduce small doses of the substances into your body every week until you are ready for maintenance shots.

Since a proactive approach is the best way to minimize allergies, don’t wait until you have developed extreme symptoms to treat the problem. Prime Urgent Care is available seven days a week to provide care for allergies, allergic reactions, breathing treatments, asthma and sinus infections. Our online check-in makes booking an appointment fast and convenient.

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