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Contractors and the self-employed who perform manual work regularly rely on low cost urgent care for medical response needs. The simple fact is, working an outdoor job with manual tasks and tools often involved a higher probability of getting injured than working indoors or a regulated area. Whether it be from a mistake using a tool, exposure to the elements, or an accident caused by someone else getting involved, injuries happen. So having a go-to place for immediate care is critical to prevent an injury from getting worse or infected.

Tools and Equipment Injuries

Power tools make for great ability to get more work done faster, particularly in construction. However, those same power tools can create instant demands for low cost urgent care when the tools come into contact with a person or is handled wrong. For example, a power drill that hits a burr or metal can instantly lock up. The torque of the drill spin keeps going though. If a person is not ready for it, the drill itself can spin hard and long enough to hyper-extent a hand, sprain wrist or break fingers. Since a contractor’s hands are his tools as well, getting medical help and care is critical for fast healing and recovery.

Exposure and Flu

Another big demand for low cost urgent care, especially in the winter wet months, comes from outdoor exposure and the flu. Both conditions can take the most able-bodied person and turn them into a fevered wreck with headache, body aches, congestion, sinus problems and more. Serious conditions can be debilitating and even life-threatening. Again, obtaining medical treatment in a timely manner, including drug prescriptions for treatment have a big influence on the speed of recovery.

Unexpected Injuries

One of the big risks for contractors and outdoor works involves not their own work, but the acts of other people. Drivers can be careless, and people can leave out objects or animals that can cause injuries to outdoor workers. In many cases the injury is unexpected and would otherwise have not occurred but for someone else making a mistake. One can fuss over who’s at fault, but when hurt what matters is getting help and quickly. Low cost urgent care makes the difference.

In Summary

If a person is in need of urgent care in Pearland, then he only needs to go as far as Prime Urgent Care. Their offices are available with trained and expert medical staff, low treatment costs, and quick response and turn-around time for patients.

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