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7 Guidelines for Staying Safe at the Pool

Is there anything that says summer more than long, leisurely days by the pool? It’s so fun to spend time enjoying the water; if you grew up swimming frequently, you’re probably eager to see your children enjoying time in the pool as well. However, while pool days can be fun and include cherished family time, […]

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allergies allergic reaction

From Mild to Severe: How to Identify an Allergic Reaction

Knowing the Warning Signs Could Save a Life An allergic reaction is defined as an atypical immune response to a foreign substance that enters the body. These reactions can range from mild to severe, with the severe episodes sometimes leading to a dangerous condition called anaphylaxis. These severe reactions are much more common than you […]

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Fireworks Safety And Injury Prevention Tips

Independence Day is a time for fireworks and fun with family and friends, but it’s important to celebrate safely. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 250 Americans go to the hospital with fireworks related injuries every day in the month leading up to the Fourth of July. Everyone should learn what to do […]

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Holiday Dinner setting

Don’t Pass Germs at Your Holiday Dinner

Make your holiday meal memorable for the right reasons. Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like colds and other illnesses. Keep the holiday cheer going strong by staying healthy this winter. These tips from Prime Urgent Care will help you and your family keep sickness at bay so you can enjoy every day of […]

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Six Common Injuries Suffered in Collisions on Icy Roads

Why You Should Always See a Doctor After an Auto Accident Collisions are more likely on icy roads. If you’re involved in an accident and not taken to the hospital via ambulance, you should still see a doctor immediately. Some injuries don’t show up until later. Visit the nearest emergency care clinic and get checked […]

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Common Fall Allergens

Fall Allergy Guide

Protect yourself from fall allergies by adopting a few smart tips. As the seasons change, a fresh crop of weeds and other vegetation introduce new pollen into the air. For those who suffer from allergies, weeds in the fall bring itchy eyes and runny noses. Learning more about the sources of these symptoms and how […]

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Athlete Hurts Ankle

Is My Ankle Sprained or Broken?

How to Tell the Difference Between Ankle Sprains and Ankle Fractures. As the Pearland, Texas, school year kicks off, many students will be going out for sports, especially soccer and football. Along with the excitement of getting to play comes the very real possibility of an injury, especially an ankle injury. Here’s what you need to know […]

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People at beach

Summer Safety Tips: Heat Related Illnesses and Prevention

Though people welcome the warmth of summer after the long winter months, too much Texas heat brings its own hazards. Besides securing the swimming pool and firing up the barbecue properly, preparing for the heat should be a big part of summer safety. Below are a few health concerns that can come from the heat […]

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Water sport

Lake Safety Tips this Summer

For many Texans, spending the summer on the lake is the perfect way to have fun and cool off. A day on the lake, however, is not without its dangers. Bringing along the right gear and following a few simple procedures can prevent some common injuries from lake-related accidents. Don’t Swim Alone The idea of […]

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stomach bug or food poisoning

Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning: Know the Difference

Nothing can put a kink in your plans faster than a sudden bout of intense gastric distress. Is that overwhelming urge to lose your lunch caused by a nasty bug that your kids caught at school, or could it be from the shady-looking burger you bought from a food truck? The symptoms of stomach flu […]

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