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Difference Between Cold, Flu, and an Allergy

What is the Difference Between Cold, Flu, and an Allergy?

How do you differentiate between a simple cough, the seasonal flu, the annual bout of allergies or covid-19? It is important to get a proper diagnosis so you get the appropriate care based on your actual condition. Common colds, flu viruses and allergies are a part of life for many of us – especially in […]

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Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

How To Choose Between Urgent Care And A Hospital Emergency Room?

When you are facing a medical emergency, the decision to visit an emergency room or a walk-in urgent care center can be a difficult one to make. Not every instance of heartburn, bleeding, a muscle pull, or burns may require you to call 911 or rush to the nearest emergency room. The questions you must […]

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After Hours Urgent Care: Medical Centers that Fit Into Your Schedule

Ideally, you should be able to make an appointment with your primary doctor whenever you need to. You should simply be able to call your doctor’s office, and he or she should be able to see you and provide treatment for whatever ails you within a few hours. However, many physicians often do not work […]

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