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Everything from Cheap X-rays to Emergency Medical Treatments are Available at Prime Urgent Care

Cheap X-rays, affordable co-pays, and extended hours are just some of the draws that are making urgent care centers around the nation a popular and convenient alternative to emergency room visits or scheduling an appointment with a primary physician. While the first urgent care centers began operation in the latter part of the 1970s, the trend has only grown as the nation’s health care sector has been impacted by an aging Baby Boomer population. This growth has also been driven by consumer demand for instantaneous medical treatment in the event of an illness or injury, as well as the demand for affordable healing. As such, at Prime Urgent Care, we’re proud to offer our affordable services and extended hours to our Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, Texas, neighbors.

Prime Urgent Care Offers an Array of Treatment Options

Not every injury requires a team of surgical specialists, and not every illness can wait until your doctor has a scheduled opening to see you. That’s where the unparalleled services of our Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, Texas urgent care offices steps in to give you the timely treatment you need in the event of an accident or illness. Open Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning until 9 and night, and on weekends from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M., we have plenty of available doctors after hours to get you back on the road to feeling better.

Whether you find yourself in a minor automobile accident, or you woke up on a Sunday morning with severe ear and sinus infection, our offices are open and our doctors are available to diagnose the symptoms and treat the problem. Should you require cheap x-rays, we can provide high quality images that our team of board certified radiologists will evaluate before providing a diagnosis. Numerous studies have pointed to how much more cost effective it is to be treated in an urgent care center over a traditional hospital emergency room.

When Injury or Illness Strikes, Come to Prime Urgent Care

If you or a loved one suddenly comes down with a bug, or injures themselves while you are out and about playing, then you need to come in to get the compassionate treatment that Prime Urgent Care clinics in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, Texas, offer. Save time and money on everything from cheap X-rays to treatments for an asthmatic outbreak rather than waiting for hours in an emergency room waiting room, or weeks to schedule a visit with your primary care physician. Our staff of caring, compassionate and talented medical professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you are feeling better and back on your feet in no time.

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