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Do You Have Cigna Insurance? Consider Prime Urgent Care for Your Next Medical Need

Medical emergencies do not wait for a convenient time. A sore throat or a cut that requires stitches may happen on the weekend or late at night when your doctor’s office is not open. This used to mean a trip to the hospital emergency room where you would wait hours to be seen and walk away with a bill for hundreds of dollars more than the care you received should have cost. Fortunately, Prime Urgent Care can provide quality health care during non-office hours at a much lower price and even accepts health insurance payments such as Cigna urgent care.

What Is Prime Urgent Care?

Prime Urgent Care is a walk-in medical clinic. This means that no appointment is necessary in order to be seen for basic medical treatment, although appointments can be made in advance as well. Prime Urgent Care combines the convenience of after-hours service provided by hospital emergency rooms with the level of care and personal attention provided by a doctor’s office. With Prime Urgent Care, patients can visit after work or on the weekend without the cost and stress involved in a visit to the hospital emergency room. Patients can also check in online and schedule appointments after hours for those who need urgent care on the weekend or at night. While Prime Urgent Care is not open 24 hours per day, the facility provides some of the area’s most flexible service hours. For those with Cigna urgent care insurance, Prime Urgent Care is a great option.

Prime Urgent Care not only provides emergency medical service but can also provide low-cost testing such as blood work and x-rays for most patients. Prime Urgent Care delivers quality medical treatments of all types without the long waits associated with hospital emergency rooms and at a cost that is much less than these facilities.

Can I Use My Cigna Insurance At Prime Urgent Care?

While Prime Urgent Care provides service even to those without insurance, the facility also accepts most major health policies, including Cigna. Cigna insured patients can receive a range of treatments from Prime Urgent Care including:

• Treatment of acute injuries including dehydration, lacerations, strains, sprains, fractures, motor vehicle accident injuries, provision of crutches, splinting, abscess treatment, abrasions, burns and foreign body removal.

• Treatment of acute illnesses including colds, flu, nausea, vomiting, ear infections, sinus infections, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

• Treatment of childhood illnesses in children three months and older, including chicken pox, measles, ear aches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and rashes.

• Performing tests such as EKGs, lab tests, employment physicals, school sports and camp physicals, alcohol breath testing, urine collection and hair collection.

While Prime Urgent Care is not in network with all major health insurance providers, co-pays and deductibles are kept to a minimum whenever possible. Prime Urgent Care collects co-pays and deductibles at the time of the visit and accepts all major credit cards as well as cash and debit cards. Prime Urgent Care does not accept checks and all co-pays must be paid at the time of the visit.

Prime Urgent Care can provide all of your acute medical treatment needs. Any medical condition requiring technology or treatment outside the scope of Prime Urgent Care can be referred to a specialist or hospital.

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