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Cigna Urgent Care and How It Affects After Hours Visits

Cigna Urgent Care insurance is designed to allow facilities that offer urgent care to offer more services and treatment options to their patients. Illnesses and injuries rarely follow a set schedule. Many times they occur at the most inopportune times, often when doctors’ offices are closed. While medical attention is needed immediately, the condition is not life threatening and emergency room visit can be extremely expensive. Common colds, influenza and other minor illnesses can cause a person to stress, but they rarely need immediate medical attention unless a fever spikes or the condition does not improve after a few days.

After hours care is ideal, however, for people who have conditions that warrant an immediate visit to the doctor, even though there is no imminent danger to life or limb. Conditions normally fall into one of the following categories.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions are present all the time, but can flare up causing intense pain or discomfort. Asthma, chronic bronchitis and various forms of arthritis can be tolerated when they are not flaring up, but when they do, it can be unbearable. Treating asthma and upper respiratory conditions are controlled with various types of medications. When exposed to allergens or airborne contaminants, upper respiratory conditions can flare up making breathing difficult and causing stress throughout the body. Cigna Urgent Care allows people to receive the treatment they need when they need it the most. Special treatment options can prevent the need for an emergency room visit if the flare up is caused when it is first starting to present itself.

Acute Conditions

Acute conditions such as an allergic reaction, a dog bite or a fever of unknown origins can be cared for easily at an urgent care facility. Physicians who specialize in acute care can help a patient determine whether or not they can be taken care of adequately at their facility or if they should consider an emergency room and more advanced forms of specialized care. Cigna Urgent Care allows facilities to offer services above and beyond normal generalized care, but when more advanced treatment is needed, it is in the patient’s best interest to transfer their care.

Accidents and Sports Related Injuries

Most sporting activities take place well after most doctor’s offices have closed for the day or weekend. Urgent care facilities are capable of handling most sports injuries that make their way through the front doors. In cases, where the services of an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist is needed, the physicians at an after hours facility can stabilize the injury so the patient can make an appointment with the appropriate physician. Cigna Urgent Care helps to tailor services to meet the needs of athletes and other individuals who need immediate attention without the cost of an emergency room.

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