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Cigna Urgent Care: How to Handle an Emergency Situtaion

The professional staff at Cigna Urgent Care handle emergency situations as part of their daily job. One thing that makes their job much easier, is when people come into their facility who are able to give them accurate and useful information about the patients they will be treating. More often than not, when a person comes into an urgent care facility, it is after normal hours for a doctor’s office and the patient is not in need of life saving procedures. They may, however, need prompt medical attention.

As a facility that provides after hours care, urgent care providers must rely on the information given to them by the patient and those who accompany them. If those in attendance know how to assess an emergency situation, the care the patient receives will be much more thorough and direct. Once a person has exhibited signs of distress or been involved in an accident, those around them can do several things that will help the patient through the treatment process.

Assess the situation

Is the person in danger? Are they conscious? Do they need an emergency room or will an urgent care facility be able to handle the situation? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you assist the patient in getting the help they need. Medical professionals at Cigna Urgent Care will also assess the patient’s condition once they arrive on site.

Stabilize the patient

If a person has broken a bone or cut themselves, the next thing to do is to stabilize them as best as you can. If an arm or leg has been broken, carefully immobilize it so no further damage will be caused during transport to the facility. If a person is bleeding, apply firm pressure to the wound and maintain it until you arrive at the Cigna Urgent Care facility.

Check vital signs

If a person is unconscious or has fainted, checking their vital signs will allow you to tell the care givers at the hospital or med center valuable information about the patient’s condition. It is important to no how long a person has been experiencing symptoms as well as how they were feeling prior to their fainting spell. If professionals at the urgent care center feel the problem is better treated by an emergency room or trauma facility, the patient will be transferred so they can receive the best care possible.

The professionals at Cigna Urgent Care are quite capable of handling any situation they are presented with. It helps them considerably when a patient or caregiver can provide them with pertinent information concerning their patients overall state of health and any emergencies they may be experiencing at the time of their visit.

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