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Cigna Urgent Care: The Benefits of Being Assisted by a First Responder

Cigna Urgent Care providers offer much needed care to individuals who are not experiencing life threatening health issues but still require some form of medical attention. Most patients who visit urgent care centers do so because they want immediate care without the wait and trauma of visiting an emergency room. Emergency rooms are just that. They are for individuals who have experienced a life threatening injury or illness and need highly specialized medical attention.

When a person is injured or gets hurt, the first question they often ask themselves is “Is it serious enough for the emergency room or can I wait to see my regular doctor?” After hours care provided by urgent care centers allow individuals to receive the medical attention they need without going to an overwhelmed emergency room or having to wait until they can be seen by their primary physician. If you are lucky enough to know a First Responder, they can help you with making the decision on which facility would best suit your needs.

A First Responder is much like an EMT. They have much of the same training and are certified to perform non-invasive procedures such as taking vitals, bandaging wounds and stabilizing broken bones. Cigna Urgent Care specialists can benefit from a call placed by a First Responder because they get all of the information they need to provide the patient with an accurate assessment of what may be going on and what type of care they should seek. A First Responder will provide details such as heart rate, blood pressure and temperature as well as any other visible signs that would help the physician determine the level of care needed.

Many public and sporting events have ambulances and First Responders on hand in case someone is injured. First Responders can stabilize injuries and help EMT’s prepare the person for transport. They can remain at the event while the ambulance makes the run and assume their responsibilities until they return. First Responders normally carry a complete and well-stocked First Aid kit similar to those found at a Cigna Urgent Care facility. Well equipped First Aid kit contains bandages, antibiotic ointment, glucose tablets, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.

As part of their certification and bonding, they are required to assist individuals in need of medical care. Much like EMT’s and paramedics who take an oath to help those who need medical attention, First Responders are expected to follow the same rules and regulations and comply with all of the stipulations contained in the Good Samaritan Laws enacted in their state. While they are unable to treat a person, they can stabilize and care for the patient until EMS personnel arrive or someone is available to take them to a Cigna Urgent Care facility or emergency room.

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