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Get In Line For Prime Urgent Care From Home

Prime and Clockwise MD

Our efficient new scheduling and check-in system

During late September, Prime Urgent Care began using Clockwise MD. This system provides several valuable benefits. It will give you a better understanding of current wait times before you travel to our clinic or ask to see a provider.

Further Advantages

Clockwise MD automatically works to shorten waiting times. It helps patients get in line by registering on line at home from your smart phone or computer.  Therefore the wait time begins from when a patient registers.  Patients may still have to complete some paperwork in the clinic but the goal is to reduce patient wait time in the clinic.

How it Works

You can get in line at home by completing a brief form on our website. It’s possible to accomplish this with nearly any internet device. Before you request treatment, the website will estimate when our medical personnel can see you.

It’s easy to fill out the online form. You’ll only need to answer some quick questions about your health problem and desired visit time. When the website asks how much notice you require, enter the number of minutes needed to travel from your location to our clinic.

This system helps us provide more precise estimates, but we can’t guarantee a specific appointment time. You’ll receive a text message that lets you know when you should begin traveling to Prime Urgent Care.

Thanks to Clockwise MD, you can remain in your home or workplace until the notification appears. This lets you accomplish other tasks instead of immediately going to the waiting room. You could also choose to wait at a local business or park.

When you reach our clinic, you’ll use an iPad tablet to check in. New patients need to complete an additional form. For faster service, leave 10 extra minutes if you haven’t visited Prime Urgent Care in the past.

All patients need to make payments when they check in. As always, you may use health insurance or pay the entire fee on your own. Our clinic accepts most payment cards and cash, but you can’t write a check or money order.

The next step is to sit down in our waiting area. A flat-screen monitor shows each patient’s current position in a virtual queue. You won’t know the exact number of minutes that you need to wait, but you’ll see the rate of progress.

Although Clockwise MD offers great advantages, you can still choose to simply walk in and wait to see a provider. Prime Urgent Care centers are open in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, Texas.

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