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Common Urgent Medical Care for Late Summer and Fall

As summer winds to a close, it is important to keep up with first aid skills and to be aware of the types of injuries and illnesses that may necessitate a trip to the doctor or emergency room. When emergencies do strike, urgent medical care can be a good alternative to expensive emergency rooms or doctor’s office visits.

Some urgent medical care needs are more common in the late summer and early fall. These can often be treated at an urgent care clinic at a much lower cost than a visit to the doctor or to the local emergency room. Some examples of common late summer or early fall urgent care issues include the following:


This season brings out the pollen and with it the extreme allergic reactions some people have. Signs of a serious allergic reaction include difficulty breathing and skin rashes. These should be treated immediately in an emergency setting. However, urgent care clinics can provide treatment for moderate to severe allergic symptoms such as runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and minor skin rashes.


As the weather turns cooler, some places will experience frost or ice in the evenings. Even in places in which the temperature will not drop that low until later in the winter, falls are a common occurrence on wet leaves and other debris. In fact, even summer flip flops can precipitate a fall. A fall can result in broken bones and other serious injuries, so a trip to the urgent care clinic may be in order. Urgent medical care clinics can provide treatment for everything from cuts and scrapes to full casts for broken arms or legs.


Summer may not be over yet in some places, so sunburn is still a concern. Using a sunscreen with a high SPF is a good way to protect delicate skin, but sometimes even with sunscreen bad sunburns do happen. Sunburns may require medical treatment if they are severe, and an urgent care clinic can often help.


Children and older people are particularly prone to dehydration. Signs of dehydration include clammy skin and sunken eyes. Those who are suffering from dehydration may need immediate IV fluids. An urgent care clinic can make a diagnosis and provide some treatment for severe dehydration.

Yard Tool Injuries

As fall approaches, most people take to their yards to get them in shape for the coming season. Raking leaves, trimming hedges and mowing lawns can all result in injuries including cuts that require stitches. An urgent care clinic can provide stitches in many cases without an expensive trip to the emergency room.

Bug Bites

Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent, and many people are exposed to ticks more often during this time of year. A bull’s-eye shaped bite mark accompanied by tiredness and other flu-like symptoms may indicate a need to visit an urgent care clinic for testing. Other bug bites, such as bee or wasp stings, may also require medical attention.

With the help of urgent medical care clinics, these and other common injuries and illnesses can be treated quickly and at a low cost, getting you and your family back on the road to work, school and play.

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