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Diabetes Symptoms and Early Signs

diabetes symptoms check

At least 9 percent of adults in the Lone Star State suffer from diabetes. Around one-quarter of diabetics don’t know that they have the disease, according to Reader’s Digest. A person should seek medical attention if they frequently experience diabetes symptoms:

6 Early Diabetes Symptoms and Signs

  1. Diabetics tend to urinate much more often than the average person. This symptom can trigger various other ailments, such as mouth dryness, excessive thirst and dry skin. Your hands or arms may become itchy, especially after showering.
  2. The shape of eye lenses might change as more glucose accumulates in your eyes. This could cause your vision to become blurry. Fortunately, a doctor can help you overcome this problem by stabilizing blood sugar levels. It may take almost two months for your vision to fully recover.
  3. Your mood could turn negative as diabetes develops. You might get angry or feel sad when you encounter minor difficulties. Some individuals appear to suffer from depression and eventually discover that they have diabetes.
  4. Although overweight and obese people face a greater risk of becoming diabetic, you may notice inexplicable weight loss as the illness takes hold. This disease can prevent your body from absorbing the calories in sugar. Frequent urination promotes weight loss as well.
  5. The failure to absorb calories may also cause tiredness and increase your appetite. This happens because the body doesn’t produce adequate insulin or uses it improperly. You’ll probably need to inject supplemental insulin to prevent this problem.
  6. Diabetes can delay healing and weaken your immune system. You may notice that scratches and wounds take longer to heal than they did in the past. Try to avoid risky activities, and wear protective clothing when necessary.

Type 1 or 2?

People with these diabetes symptoms can have two different kinds of diabetes. Type 1 develops more suddenly and normally can’t be prevented. On the other hand, poor nutrition and inactivity often lead to a Type 2 diagnosis. Type 1 remains far less common.

The two varieties demand somewhat different treatments. Type 1 requires more insulin injections, and Type 2 usually calls for prescription drugs. Both kinds of diabetes have the potential to cause kidney problems, heart attacks and other serious complications.

After a Diabetes Diagnosis

If a physician determines that you have this medical condition, he or she will make recommendations about physical activity and food selection. It’s important to follow the advice carefully to prevent further health problems. Your doctor might also prescribe medications and tell you to purchase testing supplies.

You can find out if you have diabetes by using Prime Urgent Care’s lab services. There’s no need to wait for an appointment or ask your boss for a vacation day. Our clinic provides convenient, professional medical care throughout the week. Please contact or visit us for an economical yet accurate diagnosis.

Our centers are open in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land. You can walk in without an appointment or check-in online.

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