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Don’t Pass Germs at Your Holiday Dinner

Holiday Dinner setting

Make your holiday meal memorable for the right reasons.

Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like colds and other illnesses. Keep the holiday cheer going strong by staying healthy this winter. These tips from Prime Urgent Care will help you and your family keep sickness at bay so you can enjoy every day of the holiday season.

Wash your hands thoroughly

This may seem like a given. But during our busy days, sometimes proper hand-washing doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Make a conscious effort to spend at least 20 seconds — long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” in your head — washing every nook and cranny of our hands. While you’re unlikely to forget this important task after using the bathroom or changing a diaper, it may be forgotten in the midst of the zillion chores on your holiday-prep list. The Centers for Disease Control recommends washing hands after the following:

  • handling trash
  • dealing with a sick person
  • sneezing, blowing your nose or treating a cut
  • touching pets and their food, treats or waste
  • any time you prepare or eat food

If you’re in doubt, wash your hands.

Keep your kitchen clean during meal prep

While you’ll want your entire home spotless for holiday guests, certain areas are more important than others when it comes to preventing the spread of germs. Pay special attention to kitchen counters, especially after food prep. Never cross-contaminate utensils, and use separate cutting boards for meats and veggies. Wash your hands carefully after handling raw foods, especially meats and eggs.

Make safe serving and sharing easy

Consider using a tablecloth that can be easily sanitized. Keep plenty of cleaning wipes handy for quick wipe-downs before and after meals. Place extra serving spoons and tongs at the table so no one — especially the younger set — is tempted to grab items and pass germs on to others.

Keep yourself, your family and your guests safe from germs and illness this winter. From preventing food poisoning by washing your hands and kitchen surfaces well to keeping supplies readily available to guests, stop the spread of illness in its tracks with these simple preventive measures. If you suspect someone in your household might be getting ill, head to Prime Urgent Care in Pearland, TX. Our walk-in clinic offers online check-in for your convenience.

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