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Fall Allergy Guide

Common Fall Allergens

Protect yourself from fall allergies by adopting a few smart tips.

As the seasons change, a fresh crop of weeds and other vegetation introduce new pollen into the air. For those who suffer from allergies, weeds in the fall bring itchy eyes and runny noses. Learning more about the sources of these symptoms and how to protect yourself can help you avoid enduring autumn with a stuffy nose.

Common Fall Allergens

Ragweed is one of the most common culprits of fall allergies. This plant can release billions of pollen spores from a single weed. In warmer climates, ragweed may continue to pollinate through the fall and winter. Other weeds that frequently cause issues include pigweed, curly dock and sagebrush. Mold growth is also common during the fall and is easily breathed into the lungs. Although it’s impossible to completely avoid all weeds and mold, there are some tips you can adopt into your own lifestyle to minimize your risks.

Wash Clothes

Each time you venture outside and return, you’ll end up bringing some of nature back in with you, including pollen spores. If you spend an afternoon raking, it’s a good idea to toss the clothes you were wearing into the washing machine when you’re done. Don’t forget to wash your jackets and coats throughout the season as well.

Stay Inside on High Pollen Days

Before you head outside for a long walk, you can look online to check on the pollen forecast in your area. If you know which allergens affect you the most, you can skip extended outdoor excursions on days with high pollen counts for your allergens. If you must go out, avoid lingering outside longer than necessary or wear a mask for extended chore sessions.

Vacuum Frequently

Although vacuuming is not an activity enjoyed by most people, it is necessary for eliminating allergens tracked indoors by pets and shoes. Carpet is especially prone to attracting pollen. During your cleaning session, be sure to clean off the shoe mats by the door as well. If vacuuming doesn’t seem to help, consider investing in a vacuum with a built-in filter. If your vacuum already has a filter, be sure to clean it frequently to keep it operating well.

Close Windows When Pollen is High

Fresh fall air in your home smells wonderful and keeps the ambient temperature cool. On a high pollen day, however, you’ll be bringing in plenty of allergens along with the fresh air. Keep your windows closed on these days, and use your air conditioner if the temperature is too warm. You can also use an air purifier to filter pollen out of the air.
Contact Prime Urgent Care

If fall allergies are causing you to miss out on your life, seeking treatment can help you. Prime Urgent Care, located in Pearland, Texas, offers support for allergy sufferers. Come visit our location today so that you can start breathing clearly again.

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