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Tips for Finding Urgent Care with Cigna Insurance

When a medical emergency strikes, people need to know where to go for service. While family doctors can help with most problems, they aren’t always available. When immediate care is necessary, but your regular doctor is not available, urgent care centers are the next best option. Working closely with insurance companies like Cigna for urgent care, they are an affordable and efficient alternative to the emergency room.

Lower Costs and Quality Care

Insurance companies like Cigna are always trying to keep costs down, and they encourage customers to keep care affordable by choosing more cost-effective options. Prime Urgent Care is preferred by Cigna for urgent care because they provide quality care while keeping the costs low. This helps the insurance companies save money by avoiding overinflated charges. The insurance company then rewards their customers for choosing urgent care centers by charging a lower co-pay or co-insurance amount.

Injuries and Illness

Emergency rooms are meant to be there for people involved in serious accidents or dealing with serious illnesses. The trauma care centers can provide the emergency, short-term care that is necessary while surgical rooms are prepared or surgeons are called. However, the local emergency rooms are often overwhelmed by people who need care but don’t require surgery or other intensive treatments.

Facilities like Prime Urgent Care alleviate the strain on emergency centers by treating the less serious emergencies. They can stabilize sprains and broken bones, and they treat minor accident injuries. They also provide treatment for various infections, asthma-related conditions and other illnesses. Prime Urgent Care can also stitch lacerations, treat abscesses and help people with allergic reactions. The customers enjoy faster treatment, the insurance companies receive lower bills and emergency rooms have more open beds to deal with serious traumas.

Specialized Services

Hospitals charge high fees for services like blood draws and lab work, but the doctor’s offices are not always equipped to provide these services. Prime Urgent Care offers lab tests, physical, blood alcohol testing, hair collection and urine testing. Employers can save money by using Prime Urgent Care, and Cigna insurance also saves when patients choose the Prime Urgent Care lab. The service is faster and more personable, so patients also prefer Prime for these services.

Have the Medical Card Ready

Prime Urgent Care is dedicated to offering customers low prices, and they do this by minimizing their bad debt collections. Insurance coverage is checked before more treatments are provided, and people will be asked to pay ahead of time if they are uninsured. This is to help the agency save money, and those savings are passed onto the customers. The self-pay rates for Prime Urgent Care are among the lowest in Houston, so customers can afford to get the treatment they need even if they don’t have insurance coverage.

Insurance companies like Cigna support Prime Urgent Care because they are working to keep healthcare costs down for individuals and insurance companies alike. While the doctor’s office is usually the most affordable option available, Prime Urgent Care is the smart choice when the doctor is not available. They offer quality treatments at low prices, and they strive to keep the cost of their health care down moving into the future. When patients need lab work done, a physical completed, or need care for a minor emergency, they are encouraged to utilize Prime Urgent Care center in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land Tx.

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