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It’s Flu Season, and We’ve Got You Covered

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The Importance of the Flu Shot: Get Yours at Prime Urgent Care Today!

Flu season is upon us, which means that you’ll need to be extra protective over your health. While many people view the flu as a bad cold, it actually has the potential to be far more dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), everyone over six months of age should get a flu shot every year. The flu can cause elevated risks in some instances, especially if you are:

•    Pregnant.
•    Older than 65 or under age two.
•    Have a suppressed immune system due to a medical condition.
•    Suffering from asthma, heart disease, lung disease or diabetes.

From Dangerous to Deadly: Why the Flu Can Take an Ugly Turn

The flu is a very unpleasant illness, even for people with healthy immune systems. It usually presents with a fever, runny rose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue and chills. When people have a weakened immune system, the flu can be extremely damaging and could even create complications that can be fatal. Not only can it easily turn into pneumonia, but can also cause a number of other complications.

1. Premature Labor

If you’re pregnant, the flu can be devastating. It can lead to low birth weight, preterm birth and some seriously scary birth defects. A 2012 study discovered that the fevers associated with the flu resulted in a higher rate of brain and spine defects.

2. Asthma Flare

The flu can cause an increase in sensitivity to asthma triggers, which will greatly worsen symptoms.

3. Sinus and Ear Infections

Secondary infections are common after a battle with the flu. You might need a prescription for an antibiotic to help your body fight off the infection, which a doctor can prescribe at Prime Urgent Care.

4. Seizures

A bad flu can sometimes result in seizures in children. It’s common with temperatures of 102 degrees or higher, so be sure to watch your child’s temperature if he or she comes down with the flu.

Staying Strong for Others: Why You Should Get the Flu Shot No Matter What

Even if you have great immunity and rarely get sick, it’s still important to get your flu shot every year. Some people can’t get the flu shot due to a damaged immune system or other medical problems, and they rely on the rest of us to create herd immunity. The more people get the flu shot each year, the less people will suffer.

If you do get the flu, Prime Urgent Care in Pearland is here to help. Contact us for more information.

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