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Should You Go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care in Pearland?

Urgent care in Pearland is designed to help doctors and patients alike. Urgent care centers take care of some people with less life-threatening issues so that emergency rooms are free to help those who really need them. However, sometimes people end up wondering which type of facility they should go to.

In general, you should go to the emergency room if you have any doubts. It is better to go to the emergency room when you don’t need to, than to not go when you do. However, if you just need something looked at the same day and can’t get a doctor’s appointment; urgent care in Pearland can usually help you.

Urgent care centers can handle many common issues that are non-life threatening but might otherwise end up at the emergency room. Some examples are fractures and sprains, cuts or the flu. Serious, potentially life-threatening conditions such as chest pain, uncontrolled bleeding or severe pain should always be taken to the emergency room.

Urgent care in Pearland can be a better choice than your doctor’s office because most care centers do not take last minute appointments. Their policy of treating patients on a walk-in basis means that there is little to no chance they will be booked up and unable to see you. Although not many urgent care centers are open 24/7, most of them maintain extended hours beyond the normal business day.

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