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The Most Important Safety Tips for Back to School

back to school safety tips

The back-to-school season is stressful for kids and parents alike. As you tackle the back-to-school process, remember to review safety tips with your kids, too. Here are six simple safety tips designed to keep your kids happy and healthy this school year.

Review Contact Essentials

If your kids are in elementary or middle school, take time to review your address, phone number and work phone number with them. If your kids are in junior high or high school, make sure that they know your contact numbers by heart in case they lose or are unable to use their cellphones.

Practice Phones Down, Heads Up

The phones down, heads up movement encourages kids to put their phones away when they’re walking to and from school and bus stops. Make sure that your kids understand the dangers of texting or talking on their phones while walking, and set a family policy that encourages everyone to put their phones away until they’ve reached their destination.

Keep Hands Clean

This one is a given, but it can’t be stressed enough. Hand washing should be routine before and after meals and before and after using the restroom. Regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent illness and keep it from spreading.

Keep Your Child’s Name Private

Personalized backpacks and totes with a child’s name may be popular, but you should think twice about having your young child’s backpack personalized. Ill-intentioned strangers can use this information to gain the confidence of your children. Instead, choose a bright bangle or keychain that sets your child’s backpack apart from the rest.

Teach Your Kids Playground Safety

Make sure to review the essentials of playground safety with your kids before they head off to school. Teach them to recognize hazards, take turns and use playground equipment appropriately.

Invest in a High-Quality Backpack

When shopping for a backpack, make sure that you choose one with padded straps. Professionals recommend that a child’s loaded backpack weigh no more than 10% of the child’s body weight. If your child is required to carry a lot of textbooks, look for a backpack that has an added hip strap for extra support.

Pack a Water Bottle Every Day

Getting your kids reusable water bottles and encouraging them to fill them up at school every day is a great way to prevent dehydration and stave off heat-related illnesses. Encouraging kids to stay hydrated helps them develop good habits that will serve them well if they play sports or love being outdoors, too.

Of course, no parents can protect their kids from every back-to-school danger. That’s why the professionals at Prime Urgent Care in Pearland are here to help with urgent health concerns. Visit our Pearland clinic for urgent and walk-in appointments.

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