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Why It’s So Important to Stay Hydrated

staying hydrated

Protect Your Body with Plenty of Fluids to Stay Healthy

Everyone’s heard that the human body is made up mostly of water, but few people really think about what that means in terms of hydration. Maybe you think your mom was nagging you to drink water for no reason or maybe you prefer tea, soda or sports drinks instead. It’s important to know that your body relies on water for many essential operations, which means that staying hydrated is one of the best ways possible to care for yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about why staying hydrated is so important.

How Staying Hydrated Keeps You Healthy

Every human being on the planet needs water in order to stay healthy. That’s because water does many things for the body including:

•    regulating temperature,
•    transporting nutrients,
•    lubricating joints,
•    supporting the digestive system,
•    keeping the mind sharp and
•    protecting your skin.

Staying well hydrated also helps your body pump blood more efficiently and helps protect heart health.

In addition to providing all those body-boosting benefits, water is also considered a powerhouse beverage for those who are watching their weight. When you drink plenty of water, you don’t feel the false hunger pains that can often be attributed to dehydration. Drinking water also encourages your body to eliminate waste efficiently and helps prevent constipation.

When it comes to staying hydrated, doctors and athletes agree that water is the best option. Natural, wholesome water contains no added flavors, colors or sweeteners. When consumed before, after and during workouts, it does just as good of a job of hydrating your body as sports drinks. Of course, water is also less expensive than any bottled drink.

What to Do if You Think You’re Dehydrated

Becoming dehydrated can affect how you feel, think and perform athletically. Becoming dehydrated can even bring down your mood or make you feel extremely fatigued. If you become seriously dehydrated, you can also suffer from dangerous physical problems requiring hospitalization. Dehydration is especially dangerous for infants, children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Knowing how to recognize dehydration is key in the fight to stay well hydrated. The most common signs of dehydration are
•    dry mouth,
•    a lack of sweat,
•    an accelerated heart rate,
•    muscle cramps,
•    nausea or vomiting,
•    dizziness,
•    lightheadedness,
•    headaches and
•    unexplained fatigue.
If you become dehydrated, your body may also retain water, which can result in uncomfortable bloating.

At Prime Urgent Care centers in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, TX, we’re here to help if you’re dehydrated. Stop by to see us today if you need help. If you think your child may be dehydrated, it’s important to call a pediatrician or go to the hospital right away.

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