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Lake Safety Tips this Summer

Water sport

For many Texans, spending the summer on the lake is the perfect way to have fun and cool off. A day on the lake, however, is not without its dangers. Bringing along the right gear and following a few simple procedures can prevent some common injuries from lake-related accidents.

Don’t Swim Alone

The idea of swimming alone and enjoying solitude may seem appealing, but it’s a decision that could have serious consequences. If you get into trouble with no one around, you’ll have no one to help you. No matter how good of a swimmer you are, you can’t predict currents and other conditions in the water. Take a friend when you go swimming; the two of you can look out for each other.

Keep Your Distance from Boats

Swimming too close to a boat can be harmful to your health. A collision, for example, could result in a serious injury. Breathing in boating exhaust is also dangerous. Don’t count on the boat’s navigator to watch out for you. Stay focused if you end up near a boat, and wave your arms if you’re concerned that the occupants can’t see you.

Wear a Life Jacket on the Boat

Wearing a life jacket while on a boat is an essential safety tip, even if you’re a strong swimmer. Make sure to wear a life jacket that fits you properly. Your life jacket should feel snug but not too tight. In Texas, children under the age of 13 are required by the law to wear a life jacket while on a boat.

Research Current Conditions Before You Go

Mixing lightning and water is never a good idea; always check the weather forecast before you head out to the lake. You should check local government websites to find out if there are currently any warnings about swimming or closures at your preferred lake.

Wear Shoes

The bottom of a lake can be covered in a range of sharp objects, including fishing hooks and broken bottles. Stepping on a sharp object without the protection of shoes could give you a painful laceration that will quickly end your afternoon on the water. Wear a pair of shoes designed for swimming to keep your feet protected.

Taking precautions while enjoying a lake is a great way to avoid ending your fun prematurely. However, if you do suffer an injury while you’re on the water, Prime Urgent Care can help you get back on your feet. Although we don’t handle life-threatening emergencies, we can help with sprains, lacerations and other minor injuries.

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