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Can a Low Cost Urgent Care Center Run DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests?

Drugs and alcohol can impair an individual’s vision, cognitive skills, and awareness. Individuals working in the transportation industry may be required to take a DOT drug or alcohol test to make sure none of these substances are being used. A low cost urgent care center, like Prime Urgent Care, can run these tests.

What is a DOT Drug and Alcohol Test?

The Department of Transportation, or DOT, requires any employee that performs a safety-sensitive job to be subject to DOT testing. This testing is designed to make sure employees are not using any substances, such as drugs or alcohol, which could alter or diminish their ability to safely perform their job.

Several industries, including aviation, commercial motor carriers, pipeline, transit, and railroad, are subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing. This means anyone from flight attendants and pilots to truck drivers and pipeline operators could be required to take this test.

When are DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests Performed?

An employee that is working a safety-sensitive job can be required to take a DOT drug and alcohol test at any point in time. Employers have the right to request random sampling from employees. This practice helps the employer guarantee that all employees are able to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

Random testing is just one of the many reasons why a DOT drug and alcohol test may be required. Some of the other reasons for having this type of test performed by a low cost urgent care center include:

  • Pre-employment
  • Reasonable Suspicion – belief that an employee is currently under/using drugs or alcohol
  • Return-to-duty
  • Follow-up
  • Post-accident – immediately following any accident regardless of fault

How the Tests are Conducted for DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests

When an employer has required that an employee take a DOT drug and alcohol test, the employee must have the test performed at a certified facility. The certified facility will take any blood or urine samples, and run the testing on the samples.

Employees in the Pearland, Texas area can visit our Pearland urgent care center to have any requested DOT drug and alcohol test performed. We are a certified facility capable of handling the testing.

No appointments are required to have a DOT drug and alcohol test performed at our low cost urgent care center. Just arrive during scheduled business hours and the test can be conducted.

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