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New Year, New Health Initiatives

2018 Happy New Year

Small lifestyle changes add up to big changes in your health.

With a new year just around the corner, you might be thinking about ways to improve your health. Losing weight is a common New Year’s resolution, but there are plenty of other ways to make big changes in your health without signing up for an expensive gym membership. Simple and small everyday changes can help you achieve whatever health goals you have. Getting more sleep, reducing your sugar intake and eating more healthy foods are just a few changes that can greatly improve your health.

Cutting Down on Sugar

Reducing how much sugar you eat can improve your health and reduce your weight. You don’t need to eliminate sugar completely; just get in the habit of being more mindful of how much sugar you’re eating. Checking food labels can help you identify foods that are too high in sugar. Flavored oatmeal, for example, is often packed with sugar. If you drink soda throughout the day, replacing it with coffee or tea can help you cut down on sugar.

Simply reading the nutrition label when you are at the grocery store should help you to cut down your sugar intake. Sugars are in many things you would never think to check!

Getting More Sleep

On a busy day, it’s easy to forgo sleep in favor of getting more housework done or binge-watching a television show. Failing to get enough sleep each night, however, can negatively impact your concentration at work and make you more susceptible to certain health conditions. Start a habit of going to bed around the same time each night and getting up after about eight hours of rest.

Adding Healthy Foods to Your Diet

If you eat more fruits and vegetables with your meals, you’ll be less likely to fill up on foods that aren’t as healthy for your body. Celery, apples and carrots make excellent snacks that you can easily take with you to the office. Green beans make a nice side dish for just about any meal. Salads with a variety of greens can make a meal all by themselves.

These foods are also packed with vitamins that your body needs. These vitamins help your body perform many of its day to day functions.

Add More Relaxation Time

Too much stress can cause negative effects on your health, including weight gain. Although you can’t avoid stress completely, you can make some changes to reduce its effect on you. Carving out time in your day for a favorite unwinding activity is a good way to combat stress. Sitting in a hot bath with a book, for example, gives your brain a break from all the mundane tasks of your day.

Move Your Body More

You don’t need to spend hours a week in a gym or on the track to improve your fitness and overall health; even a few small changes can help your body. For example, stay away from the elevator at the office or the mall. Opting to take the stairs at a brisk pace gives your body a small workout. Taking your family for a short walk after dinner each night is another great way to move more. Switching to a standing desk at work can also help you burn additional passive calories while being productive!

Your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to solely focus on weight; there are plenty of small changes you can make to improve your health. Prime Urgent Care located in Pearland, Texas, is dedicated to helping you with your health. If you have an emergency health need, please see us right away.

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