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Preventing Osteoporosis with Low Cost Urgent Care

Low cost urgent care is available to help treat and prevent osteoporosis. As a person ages, their bones begin to lose calcium. With proper lifestyle, diet and sound medical advice from a qualified healthcare team, the progression of the disease can be slowed. Affordable, cheap X-rays can be beneficial in determining bone density and the degree to which the condition has already progressed. We know what questions to ask to help our patients strengthen their bone and muscles to prevent the condition from controlling their lives.

There are proactive measures our patients can take to prevent bone loss even before the condition is diagnosed. Simple lifestyle changes can prevent calcium from leaching out of bone. The loss of calcium can cause pits in the bone making it porous and weak. These same changes in lifestyle will also improve a person’s overall health. Our staff can answer questions and guide the patient through the process. With careful monitoring our patients can make dietary changes that will strengthen bone and muscle and prevent excessive weight gain.

Patients who rely on low cost urgent care facilities trust us to be able to answer their questions efficiently whenever they may arise. Preventing osteoporosis entails strengthening the bones and preventing the loss of calcium. While bones lose calcium throughout a person’s life time, the key is reducing the amount lost at any given time and providing adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium to replace what is lost and add to what is already in the bone.

Diet is the most effective way to add calcium to bone. Supplements are fine, but they can sometimes be hard for the body to utilize effectively. Calcium that comes from natural sources the body can easily use is the most effective. Dairy, milk products, leafy greens and fish contain abundant amounts of calcium. Low cost urgent care facilities can provide you with a complete list of foods that contain adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

The next factor in maintaining healthy bone is exercise. You don’t have to become a body builder or weight enthusiast to strengthen your bones. Walking, swimming, stretching, yoga and Pilates exercises are ideal for individuals who need to strengthen their skeleton to prevent bone loss. Exercising three or four days a week can help the body rebuild bone and strengthen healthy bones so that less calcium is allowed to slip away. Low cost urgent care facilities are able to perform X-rays and other tests to show the exact amount of bone loss as well as any changes in bone that are the direct result of preventative lifestyle changes.

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