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Reasons to Visit the Pearland Medical Clinic Instead of the ER

The Pearland Medical Clinic serves as a cheap, affordable option instead of having to go to the emergency room (ER). We don’t want to give the impression that serious injuries or ailments don’t require the ER — quite the contrary. The ER may be necessary if the problem is serious in nature; but too often, many people will submit themselves to a lengthy pricey ER stay when they could have circumvented that experience by going to urgent care instead.

From Debt.org:

While the American College of Emergency Physicians reports that 92 percent of emergency visits are from “very sick people who need care within 1 minute to 2 hours,” the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey estimates that one-third to one-half of all ER visits are for non-urgent care.

First, it should be noted that if there is any doubt regarding the severity of your injury, do not leave that to chance and seek the closest ER. The ER is there to provide life-or-limb-saving care.

But an urgent care facility like the Pearland Medical Clinic can be a great place to seek treatment if you’re in need of minor assistance. We’re a perfect facility to come for cheap x-rays, or for flu-like symptoms, mild ear infections, mild lower-back pain, etc. Things of that nature can be addressed by a nurse, a physician-assistant or medical assistant.

Also, it’s reported that Sixty-five percent of urgent care centers have at least one physician on-site at all times.

Debt.org takes a close look at the difference between the ER and urgent care. From the site: “According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), average expenses for all people who had one or more visits to an ER in 2009 were $1,318.”

In comparison, the Annals of Internal Medicine study revealed that: “the average cost of an urgent care visit for three common illnesses – middle ear infection, pharyngitis and urinary tract infection – was $155.”

Other estimates say the cost can range from $71 to $125.

We don’t want you to stay away from the ER, despite the cost savings. We want to spread awareness of urgent care facilities like our Pearland Medical Clinic as affordable healthy alternatives when you don’t need the ER.

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