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A Pearland Medical Clinic Offers Efficient Quality Care

When you need medical care, a Pearland medical clinic can offer you the fastest, most efficient medical care possible without sacrificing the quality of care. Medical problems are serious business that requires the help of an experienced doctor to diagnose the issue and determine the best possible treatment for you. Medical clinics that offer urgent care services are becoming a widely used method of obtaining this fast care without the increased cost of an ER visit.

A Fast-Growing Trend

Years ago, urgent care centers were difficult to find. Patients either had to wait for the doctor’s office to open or go to the local emergency room. If they were lucky, their Pearland medical clinic would have a doctor on call who could help. However, with only 29 percent of doctors holding after-hours appointments, patients needed a better alternative to the high cost of emergency rooms. There are approximately 9,300 urgent care centers located throughout the United States, including the Cigna Urgent Care. Hundreds of new facilities open every year, making this one of the fastest growing areas of medical care.

Faster Care

One of the major advantages of choosing a Pearland medical clinic that offers urgent care services is the speed at which you will receive care. Emergency rooms treat patients in using a triage method. This means they evaluate the severity of the situation and take those who are suffering from more severe ailments first. This could mean that a minor illness or injury could spend hours in the waiting room without being seen. At an urgent care clinic, though, patients are typically seen in about 20 minutes or less. This makes urgent care the best choice for those who aren’t experiencing an extremely serious issue.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The best part of seeking medical assistance at an urgent care facility is you won’t be sacrificing the quality of care for the speed and cost. Instead, you will see many of the same doctors you would see in a doctor’s office setting. You will receive the same care at a Pearland medical clinic as you would if you waited until your doctor’s office opened or you visited the emergency room. Many urgent care clinics are equipped with x-rays, labs and more so they can perform the same services and help you overcome your medical issues.

Medical emergencies always seem to arise when you can’t get in to see your doctor immediately. To avoid this issue, choosing a Pearland medical clinic that offers you urgent services can get you the medical care you need quickly without sacrificing the quality of care you receive. You will also spend less money on your visit, allowing you to get the level of care you need. Don’t allow long wait times and large bills stop you from getting the medical care you require to feel better fast.

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