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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Pearland Medical Clinic

Unfortunately, emergency rooms are often overcrowded and understaffed, since many patients head to the emergency room with non-emergency problems. However, urgent care centers, such as our Pearland medical clinic, are becoming a more popular choice as many patients discover the benefits these clinics have to offer. Of course, patients dealing with a life-threatening emergency should always head to the emergency room or call 911, but for less serious problems, an urgent care can provide a much better option. The following are five top reasons to visit our Pearland clinic for medical treatment.

Reason #1 – Fast, Convenient Care

When patients visit our urgent care facility, we provide fast, convenient care. Patients don’t have hours to spend waiting in an emergency room, and in many cases, patients with less severe injuries end up waiting for hours before they receive the treatment they need. We ensure that you receive faster access to care, diagnosing and treating our patients as quickly as possible.

Reason #2 – Lower Costs for Treatment and Lower Co-Pays

According to Debt.org, patients generally save a significant amount of money when choosing a low cost urgent care facility over the emergency room. For example, upper respiratory infections are estimated to cost just over $100 at an urgent care, while treatment for the same upper respiratory infection could cost nearly $500 at an emergency room. Not only is the cost of treatment significantly lower, but most patients enjoy lower co-pays when they visit an urgent care center.

Reason #3 – Enjoy Extended Hours

Most doctors operate only during normal business hours, but many medical problems, such as sprains, rashes and minor burns, occur after hours. Many patients wait to get the care they need or they head to the emergency room. We offer extended hours, weekend hours and holiday hours, ensuring that patients can get the care they need, whenever a medical problem occurs.

Reason #4 – No Need for an Appointment

Many primary care physicians (PCP) are heavily booked, making it difficult for patients to book appointments when they become sick. It’s frustrating to call your PCP, only to find that there are no appointments available for a week. When you can’t wait for an appointment, our Pearland medical clinic can help. We treat walk-ins, providing urgent care services without the need for an appointment.

Reason #5 – You Don’t Have a PCP

Perhaps you’re new to the area and you haven’t had the time to find a new PCP. If you become ill or have a minor medical emergency before you have a new PCP, you may not be sure where you can turn. If you don’t have a PCP, you can enjoy the treatment for acute illnesses, acute injuries and other medical services at our urgent care clinic.

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