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Why Pearland Urgent Care Is Better Than A Hospital

When you are deciding whether to go to the hospital or to a Pearland urgent care, there are many reasons why the urgent care is the better option. The more you know about the benefits to urgent care, the easier it will be to determine where you should go to get treated.

There are still going to be times when going to a hospital is more important. These are those “life and death” moments, such as:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Gunshot
  • Appendicitis
  • Seizures

When it is considered urgent but not life-threatening, it will often be both faster and more affordable to go to a Pearland urgent care. You can be seen without being pushed continuously down the triage list. Many insurance companies will accept urgent care, too, which can be more affordable than the hospital. Without insurance, urgent care is going to be considerably more affordable and this is because there is one fee as opposed to fees for seeing the individual doctors as well as the time spent on a hospital bed.

Your time is valuable to you. Whether you are sick, have a broken arm or something else is wrong with you, medical attention may sometimes be required. Sitting in a hospital ER can be a time-consuming task because of the triage that hospitals use. Each time the ambulance comes in with a critical patient, your cough or broken arm may be forced to wait because someone needs the medical attention more urgently than you do.

Prime Urgent Care is a full medical facility that provides after hours care. This means that they are open seven days a week and have hours later than many primary care physicians. The chances of you being able to get in when the center is open is high, allowing your medical needs to be met. X-rays and various labs can be run on site, ensuring that diagnoses can be made effectively.

Hospitals are necessary for some things, but when you don’t need to be in the ER, it is going to be better to drive to a Pearland urgent care. It is where you can be seen faster and be taken care of at a higher level.

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