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Pearland Urgent Care Bridges the Gap Between the Emergency Room and a Family Physician

Urgent care centers are a growing part of the health care system in the United States. These clinics offer a full range of care from basic physical examinations to minor medical emergencies. Though other services are offered, the main purposes of Pearland Urgent Care is to provide immediate outpatient care for sudden illness or injury that is not life-threatening in nature.

Pearland Urgent Care bridges the gap between a regular physician and emergency room services, while offering many of the services available at each of these levels of care. When you need immediate care, use of urgent care facilities keeps emergency rooms from being overcrowded with lesser medical emergencies.

It can be hard to see your physician, especially when sudden illness or injury occurs. Emergency rooms are overcrowded and expensive, with long waits just to see a doctor. These drawbacks are not present when choosing to use an urgent care center.

If you have an illness or injury that needs immediate care that is not severe enough to go to the emergency room, urgent care services are available. Benefits of using urgent care services over making an appointment with your normal physician or the emergency room include availability, convenience, quality, service, and cost.


Urgent care centers have hours that extend beyond those of the traditional physician’s office. Evening hours are available as well as some weekend hours for those times when experiencing a minor emergency or sudden illness that does not occur during your regular doctor’s office hours. Urgent care is also available for those times when your doctor’s schedule is full and you don’t wish to wait days for an appointment.


In addition to the convenience of extended and weekend hours, urgent care centers offer the convenience of walk-in treatment. There is no need to make an appointment if you need to be seen. Your wait time to receive care is far less than waiting at an overcrowded emergency room. You may even be seen to receive a physical exam for school, work, or sports.


Qualified medical professionals will treat your injury or illness in a timely, professional manner. Urgent care is designed specifically to provide fast and efficient care without sacrificing quality. Urgent care must meet certain criteria by the Urgent Care Association of America to remain in operation.


X-ray and lab services are available on site. Trained professionals will check the test results and make diagnoses from the results of any testing. Because this testing is done on premises, there is no need to wait to be tested or for those tests to be read.


Urgent care services are offered at prices comparable to traditional clinics and for a fraction of the cost of emergency room services. Like in an emergency room, labs and x-rays are available on site, but the cost of these services is greatly reduced in urgent care centers. Many insurance companies prefer to cover costs of urgent care over emergency room services. Also, some urgent care centers offer reduced rates for uninsured patients.

Urgent care centers are the appropriate treatment for immediate care of sudden injury or illness that is not of severe nature. Save emergency department services for those experiencing a true emergency without having to wait for an appointment with your primary doctor by utilizing urgent care services.

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