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Professionals at Pearland Urgent Care Facilities Can Help If You Think You Need Stitches.

Our staff of physicians and nurses at each Pearland urgent care facility are available to help if you think you may have received a cut or laceration that needs stitches. It can be difficult to tell just how serious a wound is until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Before a wound can be cleaned, the bleeding must be stopped. If for some reason, the bleeding cannot be stopped, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Our staff will find the reason for the excessive bleeding and get it under control. When you need urgent care, having no insurance should not be an issue. Excessive blood loss can be dangerous if it is not stopped quickly and effectively. Wounds that are left untreated can get infected, be slow to heal and leave unsightly scars. If you receive an injury and are unsure of how serious it is, the first thing you should do is go to the doctor. Rinse it with cool water to remove and dirt and debris and cover it with a gauze bandage to help protect the sensitive tissue.

One of our Pearland urgent care center staff members will clean and examine your wound to make sure there is thoroughly clean and free of dirt and debris. If no stitches are needed, they will place a clean bandage over the wound and give you instructions as to how to properly care for it until it has healed.

Our nurses will look for several indicators that a wound will need stitches. They include:

  • wound that gapes open
  • A cut or laceration that is extremely deep (more than an 1/8 of an inch
  • A cut that is over a joint or a crease in the skin where it will constantly be pulled open as you move
  • If a wound is long enough and deep enough to see the fatty tissue below the first layer of skin

At Pearland urgent care centers, our staff are exceptionally thorough when it comes to cleaning and examining wounds. We understand that wounds take time to heal. It is our goal to make sure each wound gets the treatment it needs to protect it from infection or further damage.

In cases where stitches are called for, our staff members will try to make them as painless as possible. After cleaning the wound, we will numb the area and suture the wound closed. Once the wound is adequately closed, we will place a bandage over it to protect it from dirt, debris and further injury. One of our nurses will explain to you what was done and then go over the instructions so you will know how to properly care for the wound. At Pearland urgent care facilities, we want to help you get back on the path to healing as soon as possible.

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