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Top 10 Treatments at Pearland Urgent Care

There are many reasons to choose visiting your local Pearland Urgent Care over a trip to the emergency room. Accidents and illnesses can strike without notice and having the option to visit the 24 hour urgent care in Pearland beats waiting to get treatment in a crowded emergency room any day.

It can be difficult to know whether an ailment can wait to be treated by a primary care physician or if it needs immediate attention at urgent care. Luckily, with our long list of treatment services, you’ll never have to wait for care again.

10 Most Common Treatments at Pearland Urgent Care

1. Allergies

It is that time of year again, allergy season is upon us and more people are in need of immediate treatment for their symptoms. Sometimes over the counter medications just don’t work for treating sever allergy symptoms.

Whether you’re experiencing seasonal allergies like cedar fever or having an allergic reaction that you just can’t explain, our urgent care team can help get to the bottom of the issue and get you back to normal after your visit.

2. Flu Treatment

It can be hard to know whether you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or are dealing with a sever cold. Don’t leave it up to guesswork when trying to treat your symptoms over-the-counter.

At Pearland Urgent Care, you can quickly get in for an office visit and figure out exactly which illness you are battling against. From there your urgent care physician can help to prescribe the right medicine to treat your symptoms, saving you on much needed time, energy and money.

3. Physicals

When the kids are in school it can be hard to keep up with every little thing they need for their after-school activities. Physicals are often required before a child can join a sports team or play on the field. Whether you have a child headed off to football practice or if you are in need of a clean bill of health for travel purposes, you can get a comprehensive and affordable physical evaluation at our facility at any time.

Don’t wait to make an appointment with your primary care physician and risk missing important deadlines. With 24 hour urgent care in Pearland, you always have an immediate treatment option available.

4. Ear/Sinus Infections

There are few things worse to endure in life than a bad sinus or ear infection. but having one of these issues while you are unable to communicate with the people around you is even worse.

Many children are highly susceptible to ear and sinus infections and often need immediate care to treat these illnesses. With the convenience of urgent care you can easily get the diagnosis and treatment you need to heal your child.

But it isn’t just children that suffer from these painful illnesses. The pain from a sinus or ear infection can keep you from work and cost you to lose out on valuable time.

5. Drug Testing

Most employers in the US require potential new employees to undergo drug testing before they can begin their first day of work. Usually, these tests must be completed with 48 hours of a job offer and in most cases, making a visit to your primary care physician in that time frame just isn’t going to happen.

Luckily for you, Pearland Urgent Care handles these cases on almost a daily basis. With a quick office visit you can have your drug testing completed and the results on their way to your new employer without delay.

6. Dehydration

Hot Texas summers often lead to an alarming number of dehydration cases each year. It can be tough to diagnose dehydration on your own but some common symptoms include increased thirst, dry mouth, headache and dizziness.

Emergency treatment for dehydration is especially important for the elderly and young children. For patients over 18 years of age, Pearland Urgent Care can provide immediate relief from dehydration with the use of IV treatment.

7. Lacerations

Deep wounds often need stitches in order to heal properly and avoid infections. Whether you cut your finger while cooking dinner or fell and hit your head, it is a good idea to seek medical attention for deep cuts and lacerations.

Fortunately, when these types of accidents happen, you don’t have to spend hours waiting in the ER before you can be seen by a doctor. Our urgent care facility can quickly assess your wounds, clean them properly, stitch you up and even give you a prescription for pain medication if necessary.

8. Sprains and Fractures

Some injuries are harder to diagnose than others. This is never more true when dealing with the possibility of a strain, sprain or bone fracture. These painful injuries often require immediate attention and shouldn’t be left to heal on their own.

Luckily, with the use of our on-site digital x-ray machine, we can easily diagnose these medical emergencies quickly and efficiently. From there the results are relayed to our radiologist group in order to figure out the best treatment course of action and get you back in working order in no time.

9. Respiratory Treatment

Nothing is quite as scary or painful as being unable to breathe properly. When you are having a severe Asthma attack or other breathing related issue, medical treatment cannot wait. At Pearland Urgent Care you can get immediate relief from Asthma and other respiratory related issues without the wait. We can quickly treat the youngest of patient at Pearland Urgent care because we offer breathing treatments for patients all patients aged 3 months and up.

We also offer diagnosis and treatment for Bronchitis, Pneumonia and allergic reactions that may cause breathing difficulties.

10. Minor Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

After a minor car accident waiting in the ER to get treatment for non-life threatening injuries can be a lengthy process. But at our facility you can receive quick and comprehensive treatment for a variety of minor injuries including wound cleaning, stitches, fractures and sprains.

Give yourself peace of mind and recover from your injuries in a calm, clean and caring environment. To help make the process even easier you can bring your auto insurance claim number and all services can be billed directly to insurance provider.

Byline: Selena R. lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wire fox terrier, Jefferson and has been writing content online for over 3 years.

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