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Pneumonia is Not a Game – Urgent Medical Care Helps Avoid Greater Risks

With the cold season here risks for catching pulmonary conditions rises significantly as well as the demand for urgent medical care. People spend an incredible amount of time indoors where it’s warm, but that also exposes them to dry air which can transmit germs a lot faster and easier than outside. People are in close proximity to each other, kids are bringing home germs from school, and folks aren’t very good at washing their hands while touching everything. As a result, colds, flu cases, and fever are common. And in extreme situations the problems can turn far worse, developing into cases of pneumonia.

Pneumonia establishes in the body as a lung infection from either bacteria or a virus. The symptoms often develop very quickly, demanding urgent medical care, and in strong cases the condition can demand trained medical care quickly to re-establish proper breathing and relief. Pneumonia symptoms frequently include:

  • Lots of mucus,
  • Problems breathing,
  • Congestion,
  • Fever,
  • Aches,
  • Vomiting,
  • Chest pain while breathing,
  • Serious or severe chills, and
  • Coughing.

Analysis and treatment of pneumonia often involves examining the patient to first determine how significant the lung infection is. In severe cases the sickness can cause a lung to shut down, so it’s important to confirm the lungs are still able to process air despite the condition.

One modern way of examining a patient’s pneumonia condition with urgent medical care is to perform a CT Scan. This tool allows doctors to literally see inside a patient’s body, improving a diagnosis and the information needed to choose the right treatment. Modern scans can not only see inside the body, they can also produce 3-dimensional scans that literally allow a doctor to see all sides of an affected body are or organ. This reduces a significant portion of guessing involved in medical diagnosis and improves the related response.

For those in the Pearland, Texas region, urgent medical care can often mean the difference between understanding and realizing the scope of a given pneumonia case as it comes in the door versus delaying treatment due to long lines and wait time in a standard hospital emergency room. With an after hours urgent care, folks don’t have to wait until the morning. Pearland’s Prime Urgent Care has CT Scan capability and can provide quality medical treatment immediately as the patient is developing the condition, often arresting the pneumonia case before it gets far worse. This can often help patients recover faster, and the medical care provided can frequently cost less in total than a long, drawn-out series of hospital visits. We are also open in Missouri City and Sugar Land TX.

Particularly for seniors, waiting for long periods of time with pneumonia is not a viable option. Breathing infections can frequently kill seniors due to their weakened systems. So lack of daytime or after hours care can frequently be a life and death problem. Prime Urgent Care is available to help make sure seniors can avoid this kind of situation with pneumonia.

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