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Preventing and Treating the Common Cold

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Tips to Help You Cope with Bothersome Common Colds

The common cold is thus named because almost everyone has had one. However common it might be, though, there’s no doubt that dealing with a cold stinks. Thankfully, you can take basic steps to prevent the cold and to ease its symptoms if it does strike. Here are seven of our favorite tips for feeling well this cold season.

1. Keep Up with Hand Washing

When it comes to preventing contagious viruses such as the common cold, there’s no substitute for hand washing. In fact, experts believe that an incredible 80% of all contagious diseases are transmitted through touch.

2. Stay Clear of Your Face

Viruses that cause the common cold can find a stronghold when they enter your body through the moist tissue in your nose, eyes and mouth. Try not to touch your face during the cold season so these germs can’t get to vulnerable areas.

3. Kick the Smoke Habit

If you’re a smoker, kicking the habit can do more than just protect your lungs from long-term disease. It can also cut down on the number of colds you suffer from every year. Studies have found that smokers are more likely to get colds than non-smokers.

4. Hit the Gym

One of the best ways to prevent the common cold and a host of other illnesses is to stay in good physical shape. Getting in regular aerobic workouts boosts the number of disease-fighting cells in your body. Exercise also helps reduce stress, which could otherwise weaken your immune system.

5. Get in Plenty of Rest

Staying well rested helps your body rejuvenate and cuts down on stress, so it’s an essential preventive step. However, rest isn’t just good if you’re trying to prevent a cold. It’s also one of the best remedies if you catch a nasty bug.

6. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water, tea and warm broth while you’re suffering from a cold can help ease throat pain, fight congestion and empower your body to get past the virus. Be sure to sip on plenty of plain water or an electrolyte-rich beverage such as coconut water throughout the day.

7. Just Don’t Share

If you’re suffering from a common cold, protect those around you. Don’t share drinks, snacks and other personal items. Instead of coughing or sneezing into your hand, use a tissue that you can throw away.

Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself suffering from a cold. If you’ve got a bug that you just can’t shake, come see our doctors at Prime Urgent Care in Pearland.

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