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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Cigna Urgent Care

It never seems to fail: someone gets sick or needs the care of a doctor after hours, or on the weekend. In the not-so-distant past, that meant making a visit to the nearest emergency room, an often expensive and time consuming event that frequently resulted in non-emergency cases being understandably pushed to the back of the queue. This is little consolation, though, when a child is a great deal of pain due to an ear infection or when an adult is dealing with a particularly troublesome bout of the flu. Fortunately, Cigna Urgent Care can help you obtain the level of care you need and want for your family without having to navigate the emergency room triage process.

Save Time

Visiting the emergency room, especially if you do not have an emergency, will cost you a great deal of time. Unless you present at the hospital with a life threatening condition, such as a potential heart attack or breathing problems, you will be push down the queue of other patients who are more ill than you. In many instances, when you visit an after hours care facility, such as Cigna Urgent Care, your wait will be an hour, or less, rather than several hours.

Save Money

Not only does visiting an after hours care center mean you save time, you also save money. In many instances, emergency rooms tend to run a battery of tests on those people who seek out their care. While these tests can be comprehensive, they are often expensive as well as time consuming. In some instances, these tests require the patient to stay overnight in the hospital.

Visiting Cigna Urgent Care results in a thorough examination that often parallels what your regular doctor would offer. This approach gets to the heart of the problem, determines a solution and implements it using the appropriate medications and therapies, resulting in a less expensive visit.

Comprehensive Testing

When you choose to visit an urgent care center instead of an emergency room, you are not limited in your heath care options. Indeed, rather than simply being able to provide you with a thorough physical exam, the after hours care facilities of today offer you much more. From X-rays to lab work, these facilities can offer you the testing you need to have your health care concerns addressed quickly and easily, even when a regular doctor’s office might be closed.

While an urgent care facility is no substitute for an emergency room during an urgent medical emergency, such as heart attack symptoms, broken bones or serious burns, they provide a high level of care for a number of other medical conditions. In addition to doing so, they can save you time and money that enable you to move on with your life.

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