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When to Seek Urgent Care with No Insurance

Going to urgent care with no insurance may not seem like a viable option, but it is often one of the best options if you don’t have insurance to cover the costs of an emergency room visit. According to this study, about 26 percent of patients who visit an urgent care center do not have insurance. This is because these centers are more likely to provide the type of care individuals need at a more affordable price, making it easier for uninsured patients to get the care they need. Learning when you should seek out this type of health is important.

Minor Illnesses

Minor illnesses are among the most common reasons for going to urgent care with no insurance. This can include colds, sinus infections, flu, gastrointestinal problems and other minor illnesses that require immediate care but do not qualify for the emergency room. While the emergency room may see these patients, particularly outside regular office hours, it is often best to seek out these urgent care centers for faster service and a lower cost. The doctors and nurses there are experienced in diagnosing these conditions and prescribing the proper medications for treatment.

Minor Injuries

Many urgent care centers are able to provide urgent care with no insurance when patients are suffering a minor injury, such as a cut that requires stitches or even a broken bone. Some centers offer cheap x-rays to diagnose a broken bone. Their medical professionals can then set the bone and handle the issue with no need for a regular doctor visit or a trip to the local emergency room. This gives patients the convenience of fast treatment without the hassle and expense of an emergency room visit.


Those who don’t have insurance often prefer to use an urgent care center for regular physicals. Going to urgent care with no insurance will allow you to get a school or work physical completed for a much lower cost so you don’t have to worry about being penalized for not having the right documentation completed. You can even have the exam completed outside your school or working hours so you don’t have to miss any time. Their professionals can complete the exact same examination as your primary physician and complete all the necessary paperwork for a much lower cost. In fact, Debt.org estimates the costs of services at the urgent care center are about 1/4 of the cost of the same services in the emergency room.

Going to urgent care with no insurance is often the best choice for those who need medical care that could typically be handled in their primary physician’s office. These offices often operate outside regular office hours and provide the same level of care individuals need. Prime Urgent Care provides high-quality, lower-cost, on-demand healthcare for patients without insurance. Visit a Prime Urgent Care clinic in Pearland, Missouri City, or Sugar Land, Texas, today.

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