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3 Signs Your Baby Needs to Go to Your Pearland Urgent Care

There are illnesses that can wait, and there are illnesses that need immediate attention, and Pearland urgent care facilities can help. When you have a baby, sometimes determining the difference is challenging. Here are the top three signs that your baby needs to head to the nearest urgent care facility if your pediatrician is not available.

High Fever

A high fever is a sign your baby needs immediate attention. In fact, in babies younger than three months, a fever over 100.4 is considered a medical emergency, and may warrant a trip to the ER if an urgent care or regular doctor is not available. In an older baby, a fever of 104 or more, or a fever over 100.4 that causes your baby to act very ill is another reason to go. In most instances, your local Pearland urgent care can assess the situation more affordably and more quickly than the ER.

Inconsolable Crying

Babies typically cry for a reason. If your normally happy baby is crying nonstop and you cannot comfort her, you should consider taking her to the urgent care. While chances are that it is something small, if it is something serious you don’t want to wait. Also, if it is something simple like an ear infection, you can start medicine sooner rather than later and get your baby back to her normal, happy self quickly.

Unusual Cough

Most coughs are not a big deal, but if your baby is coughing repeatedly or seems like he is struggling to catch his breath after a coughing episode, you want him to be seen at your local Pearland urgent care facility or your pediatrician’s office. You need to rule out pneumonia or respiratory distress, which can be difficult to assess in an infant. Of course, if you are certain your baby is struggling to breathe or if your baby’s skin is turning blue, do not go to the urgent care, but rather to the ER. For other major coughs, you can save some money by going to urgent care first for an assessment.

If you need a Pearland urgent care facility, trust Prime Urgent Care to provide your family with the best possible care. With online check in, extended hours and no appointments necessary, you can get your baby seen quickly and rule out any serious problems, so everyone in your family can rest easy.

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