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Six Common Injuries Suffered in Collisions on Icy Roads


Why You Should Always See a Doctor After an Auto Accident

Collisions are more likely on icy roads. If you’re involved in an accident and not taken to the hospital via ambulance, you should still see a doctor immediately. Some injuries don’t show up until later. Visit the nearest emergency care clinic and get checked out. Here are six common injuries sustained in accidents on icy roadways:

1. Whiplash

This neck injury is caused by a violent movement of the head that stretches and injures muscles and ligaments. It can cause sprains and strains in the neck and back. Serious cases of whiplash can result in a herniated disc or cervical dislocation that requires physical therapy or surgery.

2. Injured Limbs

Limb injuries include broken bones, dislocations, tearing, bruising, cuts and scrapes. Knees are especially vulnerable, but you could also suffer broken toes, a broken wrist or a broken ankle. Broken bones should always be treated by a doctor. Serious fractures might require surgery or hospitalization, and bones broken in multiple places might need screws or metal plates to piece them back together. A clean break in one place might need only a cast to heal properly, whereas a compound fracture with bones piercing the skin is very serious because of the pain and risk of infection.

3. Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries might not show up for days, weeks or months after an accident. There can be bruised ligaments or displaced bone fragments that involve spinal cord tissue and cause a loss of sensation or function. The lower back is especially vulnerable to collision injuries; strains, sprains and fractured vertebrae can result. Spinal injuries that go untreated can cause lasting pain and limited mobility.

4. Head and Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are very common in collisions and can be highly debilitating. Head injuries occur when the head strikes an object violently or is struck by flying objects in the vehicle. Traumatic brain injuries can cause mild concussions or permanent brain damage. Head and brain injuries can occur internally with no outer indication of a trauma. The brain can be disturbed in the skull, and there can be internal swelling, bleeding or bruising. Concussions can occur even if your head doesn’t strike an object, and serious concussions can cause headaches, nausea and disorientation. Traumatic brain injuries sometimes require surgery to relieve pressure or bleeding after an accident.

5. Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes and cuts can occur if you’re struck by flying objects or shattered window glass in a vehicle or injured by sharp metal or plastic that’s torn apart during a collision. These injuries can be minor or serious enough to require stitches or surgery. The face in particular is vulnerable to injuries caused by the steering wheel, dashboard, airbag and shattered window glass; possible injuries include facial cuts and injuries to the jaw or teeth.

6. Chest Injuries

Drivers are especially vulnerable to broken ribs and internal chest injuries that occur when they are thrown against the steering wheel in a limited space.

If you are injured in an icy road collision in the Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, Texas, area, Prime Urgent Care offers superior and affordable urgent care without the wait, hassle, or cost of an emergency room visit.

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