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Urgent Care and No Insurance

Needing urgent care with no insurance can lead to an uneasy feeling. When you need emergency medical attention, knowing how you are going to pay for it is the farthest thing from your mind. Feeling better is the top priority and the qualified staff at Prime Urgent Care is there to make sure it stays that way.

When entering an urgent care facility, you need to have all of your information ready for the receptionist. Your personal and medical information is a must. Without it the staff are at a disadvantage when it comes to meeting your medical needs. You should also have all of your financial information in hand. Insurance cards should be presented when you step up to the front desk. If you do not have insurance, let it be known right away.

Seeking urgent care with no insurance to pay the bill is not a reason to be turned away. The staff at urgent care centers understand that not everyone is financially able to carry health insurance. Facilities regularly take cash and credit cards as methods of payment. For individuals who do not have cash on hand or a credit card, many centers allow payment arrangements to be made. In some instances, state or federal assistance may be available for patients who qualify for it.

Having no insurance is not a reason to avoid seeking medical attention. If you are ill and need a doctor, visit the nearest urgent care facility and get the medical assistance you must have to regain your health.

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