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Urgent Care in Pearland, TX: What to Do When a Child Has a Fever

Physicians who specialize in urgent care in Pearland, TX know how frightening it is when a small child has a fever. Infants can tell parents what hurts. Parents can only guess and hope their estimation is right. But how do they know when a fever is severe enough to seek medical attention.

Fevers are nature’s way of killing viruses and bacteria that leads to illness. A mild fever is usually nothing to be alarmed at unless it is accompanied by severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Any combination of the three can lead to dehydration. Most physicians suggest seeking a medical attention if a child’s temperature exceeds 101 degrees.

If you choose to seek urgent care in Pearland, TX for your child, make sure you can provide specific details. How long has your child had the fever? How high has it gone? What have you done to bring it down? Most parents will have exhausted the common remedies such as over-the-counter acetaminophen and tepid baths.

Offer your child clear juice, such as apple or pear that has been diluted two to one with water. Dress them in loose fitting clothing and allow them to use a light blanket or sheet if they want to be covered. Avoid heavy blankets and too many layers of clothing.

Physicians specializing in urgent care in Pearland, TX are available late into the evening if your child develops a fever and you feel they need to be seen.

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