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Urgent Medical Care Doesn’t Have to be Out of Financial Reach

One of the most common ways people get hurt involves a broken or fractured bone, and the only way to truly confirm the extent of the injury is an x-ray. Fortunately, urgent medical care exists so that everyone can get the examinations needed for the right treatment.

The ability to see inside the body without having to make a cut or surgery comes with special tools and imaging materials that penetrate the body tissues. This equipment produces an image on the film behind the body as the exposure occurs. This procedure, using a mild dose of radiation, produces x-rays which a doctor can use to then see where a bone break exists and how bad it may be. X-rays are particularly helpful in determining if a bone just needs a simple cast or if it needs a complex response, such as shattered bone or compound fracture. Hospitals, clinics and urgent medical care offices all have the capacity to perform x-rays if they have the right equipment on hand.

An x-ray evaluation is generally safe for most people, including children. Precautions are taken with lead vests to protect vital organs from unnecessary radiation exposure, and some people should potentially avoid an x-ray, like pregnant women.

X-rays, like all medical procedures, have a financial cost associated with them. Most people and patients don’t see or realize the true cost of an x-ray because it tends to be absorbed into a total medical bill sent to an insurance coverage provider the patient contracts with. However, for those who don’t have full medical coverage on their own or from an employer, such as part-time workers, the cost of needed x-rays can be prohibitive. Fortunately, urgent medical care providers in most cities do exist, and they can provide cheap x-rays.

In the Pearland and Houston region, Prime Urgent Care is an urgent medical care provider who can help patients receive the examinations and care they need for common by serious injuries. Whether it because of a car accident or because junior fell out of the tree he wasn’t supposed to be in, Prime Urgent Care can examine a patient, provide cost-effective x-ray evaluation, and set the broken or fractured bone all in one office.  This combination of medical services and cost-competitive benefits are a huge advantage for those with limited insurance coverage but who still need serious medical care.

So if you’re in the Houston area and you or a loved one have a medical issue that needs attention or x-rays, consider Prime Urgent Care. Their services are frequently well within affordable ranges for patients, and they can provide a large range of the same services obtained in an emergency room or doctor’s office, including followup prescriptions.

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