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Cough, Cold and Flu Treatment

Sometimes having a cold is only a minor inconvenience. In other situations, it throws your life into complete disarray. From making it impossible to concentrate on work to subjecting you to intense discomfort or even preventing you from attending school, living with the flu, colds or coughs can pose significant challenges. At Prime Urgent Care in Pearland or Missouri City, our licensed medical professionals dedicate themselves to helping patients manage their symptoms and move on.


When Do Colds, Flu Cases and Coughs Strike Hardest?

Many of the illnesses that plague modern Texans follow seasonal schedules. For instance, being exposed to large crowds during winter flu season could heighten your risk of coming down with influenza. Your life choices can also contribute to your likelihood of becoming ill. Traveling frequently and regularly being jet lagged or ill-rested might compromise your immune system. If you work with children in schools or daycare facilities, then failing to use proper hand-washing techniques could heighten the chance that you’ll fall prey to infectious pathogens. Or you might already suffer from a weakened immune system due to your age or medical history.


Some colds and coughs don’t simply clear up on their own.

In addition to affecting your risk of getting sick in the first place, these factors can also impact the severity of any diseases that you contract. No matter what combination of circumstances caused your illness, seeking help from a care clinic might provide you with insights into how to return to a state of better health.


How Does Prime Urgent Care Help?

Our urgent care clinic offers a full-service health experience to all of our patients. We respond to your unique needs by seeing you on a walk-in basis because we know that colds and other ailments don’t wait until it’s convenient for you to get sick. Our mission is to provide rapid, appropriate aid when you actually need it.


Care Grounded in Expertise

The Prime Urgent Care staff consists of licensed providers and staff who have in-depth experience with a variety of acute illnesses. In addition to helping you understand what you’re suffering from and how to fight back, we work tirelessly to improve your overall wellbeing. By taking each case seriously and employing the best in thorough medical examination techniques, we bring you closer to treatment options that are likely to work. Thanks to our streamlined service model, we’re even able to make payments and insurance claims painless.


Contracting a cold or the flu doesn’t have to be serious.

The more willing you are to seek assistance, the less discomfort you’ll ultimately have to endure. Book your appointment online, call 713-340-3111 or visit us for a walk-in today.

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