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Covid 19 Testing at Prime Urgent Care

How do I get Covid 19 testing?

  1. Start with a Telemedicine visit at www.primeuc.com
  2. The Provider will tell you what time to arrive.
  3. Please drive to the back of the clinic.
  4. Stay in your car and we will come swab you.
  5. We will charge for an office visit and rapid test cost, Labcorp or ONpoint Lab will charge separately for the PCR Covid 19 test.
    • We will bill your insurance and collect copays or deductibles.
    • We go by what the insurance systems tell us, please check with your insurance company if there are questions about Covid 19 testing costs.

Things you need to know when getting Covid 19 testing at Prime Urgent Care.

PLEASE NOTE:  Testing supplies are limited, based on your circumstances and test availability our Providers will guide you toward rapid testing vs PCR testing.

All negative rapid test results can be followed up with PCR test as decided by Provider.  The Provider will make this decision.

Our rapid testing device is the Quidel – Sofia Analyzer. Due to limited supplies our Provider will determine if you are eligible for a rapid covid test.


What is the difference between rapid testing vs PCR testing?

  • A rapid test is conducted inside our clinic and the result is available within 45 minutes to 1 hour, depends on how many tests we must process at that moment.
  • PCR testing is conducted by an outside lab such as Labcorp or Onpoint, results can take 5-7 days but these tests are considered more reliable.


Why can’t I just get the test? Why do I have to pay for a doctor visit?

  • The Provider must collect details about the exposure and patient details that require a full visit.
  • Even if your results are not positive many patients need paperwork and documentation for employers etc.
  • Rapid tests are processed at our clinic.
  • The PCR test is being sent to Labcorp or ONpoint lab for processing and they will bill for the test itself separately.


Why do I have to pay my copay or deductible?

  • We are forced to follow the copay and deductible information provided to us via the information given to us by the insurance companies. Please call your insurance provider if you have specific questions about costs related to testing.


What is the difference between antibody or IGG testing and Covid 19 testing?

  • Antibody or IGG testing looks for antibodies in your blood. This blood test tells you if you have been exposed to Covid 19 more than 2 weeks ago.
  • Covid 19 testing tells you if you currently have live virus in your system.
  • Depending on when tests are administered you might show negative even though you have had an exposure.
  • We offer IGG, Rapid and PCR tests, during your visit with our Provider they can guide you to the correct type of test for you and answer additional questions.


How long will it take to get my results back?

  • The Labcorp PCR test has higher sensitivity than rapid tests. This means better quality testing, but you cannot get results the same day.  Results are coming back in 5 – 7 days depending on the lab.
  • The rapid test will take 45 minutes to one hour and results will take up to 6 hours to process and communicate back to you.


Does the swab hurt? What kind of swab is used?

  • We are now using nasal swabs and using nasal pharyngeal swabs. For nasal swabs this means the tip of the swab does not go all the way up the nasal cavity. The actual test is conducted quickly for both kinds of swabs.


What if I do not have insurance and pay out of pocket?

  • The cost for the telemedicine visit is $75 and a in an office visits cost $100.
  • For PCR testing There will be an additional $110 dollar charge for the Covid 19 test.  Total cost = $185 or $210. We do not process the lab results at Prime Urgent Care, we send them to Labcorp or Onpoint for processing.
  • For rapid testing the cost is $75 dollars for the test plus the cost of the visit $75. A total of $150.


Why are the front doors to the clinic locked?

  • To minimize exposure to staff and other patients our doors are locked. Call us when you arrive if you are planning an office visit.
  • We will call you when your exam room is ready and take you straight to the exam room. Only the patient is allowed with one caretaker if needed.  There is no waiting allowed in our waiting areas.
  • We will take your temperature at the door and provide a mask if you need one.
  • Please note you may not allow you to enter the facility if you are symptomatic. We encourage anyone showing Covid 19 symptoms to start with a telemedicine visit.


Are there age requirements for Covid 19 testing?

  • We can test patients ages 2 and up.


Can I sign in online?

  • We strongly recommend you get in line online for telemedicine and office visits. All registration steps including sending us your insurance information and driver’s license can be completed online.


Can I get retested?

  • If you had a positive Covid 19 test result. We can retest 14 days or longer after your initial test date. We are not retesting less than 14 days from your initial positive Covid 19 test.