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School and Work Physicals in Pearland

At Prime Urgent Care, we perform school, sports and DOT physical examinations that adhere to rigorous medical standards so that our patients always know where they stand. Our dedicated staff members routinely help students, employment seekers and walk-in patients who simply want to learn more about their health.

Why visit Prime Urgent Care for your next school, sports or employment physical? Going to your primary physician isn’t always convenient or even possible. Whether you simply lack the time or can’t book an appointment due to your provider’s busy schedule, we’re always here to offer the care you need.

Comprehensive Physicals for All Kinds of Patients

We’re proud to offer a variety of specialized and general physical exams that cater to your needs:

Student Exams

Students who want to expand their horizons often need to obtain a clean bill of health first. Whether your diligent youngster is trying to participate on a sports team or join an exciting summer program, it’s critical that they get a physical first. Fortunately, our staff members know how to perform exams that help students stay well-rounded.

Sports Physicals

We love helping students demonstrate that they’re fit to play or fully recovered from injuries.

Summer Program, Field Trip and Other Extracurricular Event Physicals

We confirm your student’s health so that they can take part in travel to foreign countries, camps and regional events.

Academic and School District Physicals

After local sickness scares, we can help you confirm that your student is fit to return to class so that they don’t fall behind.

Pre-employment Exams

Getting a physical can decide whether you’re able to obtain gainful employment. It can also impact your eligibility for benefits like employer insurance coverage. Come into Prime Urgent Care today if your potential employer requires a physical exam.

Department of Transportation Physicals

Our comprehensive exams ensure that drivers who want to operate commercial vehicles can travel the roads safely and move their careers forward. As certified medical professionals in good standing, we’re able to conduct exams that adhere to DoT standards and provide the records that prove you’ve fulfilled applicable health requirements.

General Employment Physicals

You’ve passed through tough interviews and gotten your foot in the door. Our physicals help you progress further by showing you can perform the job you’ve applied for.

Check-In For Your Next Physical Online, or Walk-In Today

Don’t let uncertainties about your health stop you from living your life to the fullest. Why not get informed about the most important aspect of your life? Check-in online or walk-in to our Pearland office to receive a physical today!