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Urgent Care for Skin Conditions & Rashes

Prime Urgent Care provides immediate treatment of skin conditions and rashes like hives, poison ivy, oak, sumac, and sunburns, among others. For effective relief and personalized treatment plans from a variety of skin conditions and rashes, visit Prime Urgent Care today.

Skin Conditions We Treat

Treatment Total Price
Provider Visit Examination $100

•   Specific costs for testing and treatment vary based on the condition.
•   Most insurance plans accepted (call to verify coverage or contact your insurance provider)
•   Low out-of-pocket/self-Pay rates (call for service and testing rates)

Why Choose Prime Urgent Care for Treatment?

Skin Conditions We Treat - Prime Urgent Care


Minor cases of hives are treated by identifying the factors causing the reaction and providing treatment to manage symptoms and prevent future outbreaks.

*For very severe cases, visit an emergency room immediately as certain allergic reactions can be life-threatening.


Comprehensive exams to establish the cause(s) and then treat the condition to relieve discomfort and promote healing.

*For very severe cases, visit an emergency room immediately as certain allergic reactions can be life-threatening.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak/Poison Sumac

Treatment of skin rashes caused by poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac so you get relief from the pain and itchiness that this condition causes.


Diagnosis and treatment can involve antiviral medications, pain medications, and wound care to reduce pain, discomfort, and reduce the risk of complications.

Bug Bites

Affected areas are treated to reduce pain, swelling, and irritation.


Affected areas are diagnosed for severity and can then be treated with pain medications and topical treatments to avoid infections


Treatments for different types of warts (like common warts & plantar warts) can involve topical medications, cryotherapy or electrosurgery to reduce and eliminate this condition.

On-Demand Treatment of Skin Conditions

If you need immediate relief from a condition causing swelling, redness, pain, or itchiness, get immediate care at the nearest Prime Urgent Care near you in Pearland, Missouri City, and Sugar Land.

Prime Urgent Care is open 7 days a week and open late until 8pm (Monday-Friday).

No appointment is ever needed – just walk-in to get your skin condition treated. If you want to skip the line, check-in online at https://primeuc.com/ 

No Insurance? No problem. Affordable Self-Pay Rates.

Prime Urgent Care provides quality, on-demand medical care for patients of all ages (3 months and older). For patients who pay for medical care out-of-pocket, Prime Urgent Care offers some of the lowest rates in the greater Houston area on all services and testing we provide – including the treatment of skin conditions.


  • How long will it take for the treatment to work?

    This varies based on the specific condition, the treatment plan, and if/how the treatment plan was followed. Most common skin conditions will take several weeks to completely heal.
  • Will the treatment completely cure my skin condition, or is it just for symptom management?

    Our goal is to effectively treat common, non-chronic skin conditions so they heal completely. For chronic skin conditions, it is recommended to see a specialist or a primary care doctor.
  • What should I do if my skin condition worsens or doesn’t improve after treatment?

    Contact your provider and discuss your concerns. Changes to your treatment plan or medication might be recommended.

  • Do I need health insurance to get treated at Prime Urgent Care?

    No – we offer some of the lowest self-pay rates in the greater Houston area for patients who don’t have an insurance plan or who prefer to pay for services out-of-pocket.

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