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Sports Injury Treatment Near You

Prime Urgent Care offers the immediate diagnosis and treatment of non-life-threatening sports injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. If you or a family member was injured while participating in sports or exercising, just walk-in to the nearest Prime Urgent Care center in Pearland, Missouri City, or Sugar Land for on-demand medical care – no appointment needed.

We treat sports injuries 7 days a week and we are open late on weekdays until 8pm. Skip the ER and come see a healthcare provider at Prime Urgent Care for immediate, affordable sports injury treatment.

Common Sports Injuries We Treat

Treatment Total Price
Provider Visit Examination $100
Provider Visit Examination & X-Ray $175

•   Specific costs for testing and treatment vary based on the condition.
•   Most insurance plans accepted (call to verify coverage or contact your insurance provider)
•   Low out-of-pocket/self-Pay rates (call for service and testing rates)

Why Choose Prime Urgent Care for Sports Injury Treatments?

Sports Injury Treatments Available at Prime Urgent Care

Affordable Self-Pay Options for Sports Injury Treatments

Prime Urgent Care provides affordable self-pay rates for patients who prefer to pay out-of-pocket for medical services. Provider examinations start at $100, with visits requiring an X-ray start at $175. These rates are some of the lowest in the greater Houston area.

Need care now for a sports injury now? Just walk-in to the nearest Prime Urgent Care center or skip the line and check-in online.

Prevention Tips for Common Sports Injuries

You can prevent many sports injuries by taking some simple precautions:


  • What should I expect the urgent care center to do about my sprain or strain?

    Treatment for a sports injury at an urgent care center, like a strain or sprain, will first involve a detailed evaluation of the injury. A patient’s medical history will be reviewed, and diagnostic testing might be used (like an X-ray) to understand the extent of the injury and the best treatment options available. A customized treatment plan will then be developed that promotes healing and a full recovery.
  • How long does it typically take to recover from a sports injury?

    The recovery time for sports injuries depends on the severity of the injury. Mild injuries like strains or sprains take several weeks to heal if proper treatment protocols are followed. Injuries such as fractures, torn ligaments, or any other serious injury often need several months to adequately heal. It’s best to follow your doctor’s advice regarding treatment procedures to ensure a complete recovery from your injury.
  • Can I continue to participate in sports while recovering from an injury?

    If you have a minor injury, like a mild sprain/strain, you may be able to continue engaging in sports with some modifications to your activity’s intensity or technique. Still, avoiding any action that leads to pain is crucial. In case of more serious injuries, such as a fracture or torn ligament, it’s best to avoid engaging in any activity/sport until your doctor clears you.
  • What are some common myths about sports injuries?

    Several common myths about sports injuries can lead to harmful consequences. One of them is the “no pain, no gain,” which says that you need to endure pain as that will boost your athletic performance. Pushing through severe pain, however, can cause injury. Another myth is that rest is always the best treatment. In some cases, rest isn’t enough. You need other approaches, such as physical therapy or stretching, to fully recover from a sports injury.

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